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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - toyota celica into a bgt?

hi i have a 1990 2ltr toyota celica sitting in my back garden is it posable to put the engine into my 1978 b gt? if so does any one know how hard it would be to do or any other engine that would fit in ie a 4cyl not a v6 or v8. or any other engines that would just drop in without any mods to the engine mounts or gearbox ect.. thank you .... chris
c mudie

Hello C.M.

Some Toyota swap in MG-midget

It could give you modif. But I think a baisc celica is a FWD, which transmission do you want to fit?

On 4 cyl. swap there is Alfa-Romeo, Miata on the web for MGB but that doesn't solve your problem.






and finally this link:,1885229,1902424
Jean Guy Catford

Hello C.M.

the engine itself can be dropped to the bay but it is rather hugh at the front end and there is no space for the twin Mikuni PHH carbs, so serious fire wall mods are necessary. I tried it many years ago and traded this nice engine for a SD1 V8 with LT77.

R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar


Have a look at:

they used some toyota 4-age motor in a Spit and it could be useful to you..

Jean Guy Catford

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