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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Tubular Exhaust Manifolds (Headers) - Refitting

Hi Guys,

Is it just me? I've had this problem with old 'block-huggers' and now have it with Clive Wheatley-supplied RV8-type tubular manifolds (headers). Do all tubular exhaust manifolds (headers) fit correctly when they are new but need the 3/8" holes boring out, perhaps by 1/16" to refit them?

Your thoughts would be welcome.


PS What do you guys use to seal exhaust manifold (header) gaskets?
P L Hills


I had to refit my headers after a coolant leak determined that the engine had to come out again for a fix. I didn't have any problem getting the headers to fit properly the second time. These are the Clive Wheatley units as well.

I just used the gaskets that were supplied with the headers and again, no problems; even using them a second time.

I just retorqued them after driving the car for a bit and they seem to be sealing alright.

Sorry, I haven't any ideas on how to help you out with the issue. Why did you have to remove/refit them?

Simon Austin


Thanks for your comments. I had to remove the manifolds (headers) to take the cylinder heads off (and to change the camshaft). I found that I could not fit ther driver's side bolts through the holes in the manifold plates - particularly as the access was difficult because I have the latest version of the master cylinder, which has the servo in line with the master cylinder.

On the good side, I have found that I can secure the manifolds to the heads on the bench and then fit the assembly onto the block. This should allow a very good seal to be made between the manifolds and the heads, so preventing any blowing. I'll let you know how it works out.


P L Hills

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