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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Two ActiveThreads?

Only two active threads here on the "conversions" Forum...yet the Factory forum has threads dating back to 2005?

What's up with this?!

Yes...I am aware of the archives....

Inquiring minds.....
rick ingram

Yeah, it's surprising. I can't believe that there aren't any conversions going on; maybe it's just that no one has any particular questions at present. I know that my project is going pretty slowly, due mostly to the pressing matter of fixing my house up for putting it on the market in the coming year. A scary thought in itself.
The stainless fuel system is in, as far as I can get it at this point, until I have an actual fuel pump to install. I'm planning on putting in an Affordable Fuel Injection setup, but that's fairly big-ticket, so I'm putting it off for a while. Would that handle hydrogen fuel, ha?
I'll be replacing the leaky rebuilt brake master cylinder with a new one from Apple in the next few days. Thanks to this site for pointing me to them for the best price on that. The next step will be to take the car off the jack stands, put the wheels back on, and reinstall the engine. I was looking at it the other day and realized all the work that I've gotten done over the years; it's finally to the point where it's actually going back together, yahoo! Looking forward to doing the entire electrical system. Then, when I need to move house, the tow bar can be mounted up front in short order and I can pull 'er out of there.
With me, it's been the fact that most of my questions up to this point have been answered, and that time has been short to work on the car, which would in itself generate more questions. I don't know if my experience is typical, but I too wish the thread were more active.
Oh, by the way, some guys where I used to work, when they had some spare time, hooked a bottle of hydrogen up to a lawn mower engine, and they said that it ran fine. I'm sure that's a simplistic system, but it gives hope over the plumber's nightmare that Detroit has come up with for hydrogen-fueled cars. Best, Joe
Joe Ullman

My fiancיe and I (wife in 11 days!) are looking at the 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid as a new car for her. That thing gets 39mpg on the highway with a big v6! I really wish I could get her that Honda Hydrogen car but it's not coming to Detroit anytime soon.

Is it possible that fewer people are doing conversions so there are fewer questions?

Maybe the archive is so thorough that there's no reason to ask questions?

Maybe we need to try something daring and new that sparks questions and generates interest on the board?

If everyone wanted to pitch in and get me a Ford 302 rebuilt with aluminum heads and the bell housing to mate it to a Toyota supra W58 gearbox I would be GLAD to do LOTS of postings showing how to make it work. =) We can even weld in the IRS that I still have and do lots of posts on that too!

Just a thought...

A few years ago, this V8 forum used to be very active. The webmaster then shelved the archive time which then removed threads more quickly to provide more space etc.
It's been that way ever since.

Plus, with the advent of other V8/V6 forums people have switched and asked questions over there etc.

Webmaster - please change the archive time accordingly - thanks.
Pete Mantell

Pete: "Webmaster - please change the archive time accordingly - thanks."

Does this website even have a webmaster anymore? Maybe that's the problem? Half the new postings on the "factory V8" forum are spam. The photo posting option is lousy. The archive is too hard to search. Since there are much better forums for MGB-V8 now, I rarely look here anymore.

Does the BB have a webmaster? Yes. But he isn't a moderator so he doesn't block random spam. Half the factory V8 subject postings spam? You jest! There are more conversion postings there than spam, and they should really be here. There have always been arguments about the V8 subject, whether there should be one or two, and even the precise wording of the titles! It's changed several times. I don't see what is so difficult about the photo posting option, it is just a simpe six-step process allowing you to select, review, and submit, change or abandon. But the archive *is* awkward, I've tried several times in the past looking for something I know is there but given up, eventually using Google to search for a text string as often as not.

Paul Hunt

(This is what spam in the factory V8 forum looks like...)


im so jubilant i inaugurate that forum.
i force try to pylon more and in stuff.

Danny - הכרויות - סטוצים, הכרויות חילופי זוגות - הכרויות - סטוצים, הכרויות חילופי זוגות

re: spam

Paul, the point is that when you first visit the factory V8 forum it looks like there's been a flood of recent messages. Only when you look closer do you realize that most of the discussions are from 2006, and someone like "teedeVowGob" (a spammer) has revived them with a nonsense message. (See above for an example.) After that nonsense spam message, inevitably, a few people are fooled into responding to the old, previously shelved discussion. It's rather pathetic, actually.

re: images

quote: I don't see what is so difficult about the photo posting option, it is just a simpe six-step process allowing you to select, review, and submit, change or abandon.

Most boards allow photos that exist elsewhere on the internet to be linked in between simple tags (e.g. <img>IMAGE URL</img> - One step instead of six!)

Another thing I don't like about the photo feature is that photos aren't shown right in the message context. Instead, to view an image, a link has to be clicked by the reader. A new window opens. If the photo were shown in the actual context and flow of a message (as on all modern message boards) it could be captioned and discussed better. You really should try it!

Rick, I noticed a dramatic drop off in postings here once the Roadmaster project threads moved over to the V8 Newsletter forum. I only check about once a week now and used to check this board daily. I still check the MGB, MGA, and Spridget boards every weekday. Just not enough traffic here to warrant a daily check. This was the first MG Bulletin board I was aware of and started on and I still enjoy it, but the Conversions seem to have moved on.
Bill Young

I don't know what I'm looking at then, I see 15 threads for August alone, 49 posts on those, and only 5 from tedious-gob. The fact they may date back to 2006 is irrelevant if people are still exchanging information on them (I haven't read them all!)

It does seem to have been missed off the list for archiving, possibly as a result of one of its many name changes.
Paul Hunt

I have never been able to get the photo option to work. Finally just gave up.
I noticed the British V8 site seems to be slower as well. Maybe there are not as many conversions under way now. In the U.S. it could be because of the slow economy.
Or it could be that there is so much info out there now, that one dosn't have to post questions anymore. When you can just do a search to find the info you need.
I am no expert on internet, but I do feel that this site could use some "updating" to include a lot of features and options that other web sites have.

bill jacobson

re: The fact they may date back to 2006 is irrelevant if people are still exchanging information on them (I haven't read them all!)

That was exactly my point...I know that many of the threads here on the Conversions Forum were still active, but get dropped off in a week or so.

Pre British V8 2008, I continually "bumped" the thread to keep it from being archived...this should not have to happen...archiving needs to be done...but I wonder if the "drop date" is a little too early in many cases.

rick ingram

I don't understand why messages drop off the list at all. Other message boards don't archive that way! Since they're archiving old messages anyway, it's not clear what advantage comes from making the archive separate.

Due mainly to vacation schedules, internet use dips significantly in July and August, and recovers in September. That rule applies across almost all websites. However, about 500 different message threads have started on the BritishV8 board since last December...

I think Bill is absolutely correct - people have discovered it's easier to "search" for an answer than to "ask" for it. (It's about time!) In the month of August alone, 15457 different search strings brought visitors to the BritishV8 website (from Google, Yahoo, etc). That statistic is inflated SLIGHTLY by people who used the Google search box that's actually embedded in the BritishV8 site for searching the article archive, but it DOESN'T include multiple uses of a specific search string. (Some search strings are entered by hundreds of different visitors.)

Well, Im doing a conversion on my GT using a 13B rotary motor and trans out of an RX7. The car is going to the strippers to have the old crappy paint pulled off and into primer so I can take care of a few pits underneath. Once that is back, Im going to start on the conversion and will probably try to put a thread together. My goal is to have it put together and running for my road trip around New England (starting in Va and driving up the coast to Maine and then back down to Va through a more mountainous western New England route) in July/ August.

I have 2 MG's, 58 A and 72 BGT and I must say that the community in general is lacking. Im young, 26, and there isnt as strong an enthusiast community as there is with the VW crowd, of which I have 2 also. There are a plethora of British car clubs but they are mostly older men, no offense to any of you, whose idea of a good meet is a winery tour. How about car shows, weekly get togethers, encouraging conversions and different directions in building, etc... Thats something you dont see very often.

If youre building something, post it up. We all want to see it. Im not too sure about most of you but I am tired of the same old tired V8 or V6 conversion. Ive got a Zetec for the A and a 13B for the GT. Lets see something different!
JMH Hills

I agree with you although I am one of the older ones. In one month I will retire ans start on a complete rebuild from my RB77.
Before the conversion to Rover V8 I had also the Mazda rotary engine in mind but decided to keep it more traditional and opted for the Rover V8. Not all MGB owners want to do a drastic engine conversion.
On the other side I am going to "update" the MGB with RV8 rear lights and the more modern looking new Mini lights. Just my kind of mods other than engine mods.
I'll keep posted on the body mods.
Werner Van Clapdurp

werner, would love to see the rv8 rear lights and how you do it? are you using the rv8 rear wing overlays as well? jmh, send me a pm, i may have some ideas for ya, jim
james madson

I think most of the folks have migrated over to
There seems to be a lot of activity. I have to say that I've slowed down on the reading of this BB too.

79 MGB /Rover 4.0
Kelly Combes

I think Kelly is correct. I hardly come here any more because it's more entertaining and visual at the other sites. I've began posting here more years ago than I care to admit.

David Gable

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