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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - TYRES!!!

What is the best tyre size and brand to use these days on the standard equipment V8 alloy wheel, for performance and appearance?


I'm buying new boots soon and have carried out a bit of research. I use 195x60x15 and it is difficult to find the top range tyre in that size. I've looked at web sites and emailed most of the tyre makers asking for recommendations. My preference would be Bridgestone but are not produced for 195's so my second choice is Goodyear Eagle F1, Yoko's have been recommended as the tyre with the most grip but a short life.

Email Pirelli and you can join their club.

Cost being a factor puts Michelin out of the picture so I will probably go with Goodyear.


I'm running 195 Goodyears on my Factory V8 and they perform very well. Good dry weather grip and excellent wet. If I was back in Sydney, I would go for Yoko's - nothing to match them IMO. Yoko's have superb grip, only downfall is they're pretty noisy and aren't at their best in the wet.

74 V8
Neil Cotty

Thanks v much for the recommendations, guys. I'm going to stick with the standard 14inch wheels - Neil, is that what you're running, with 195/60's? Looks like Goodyears are the favourites!
Don Bryson

195s are popular because they will fit inside the rear wheel arch and rub only occasionally but I believe they are too big to give the full benefit from the extra tread.

If you want to pose - look at wheel/tyre combinations. If you want to go round corners get brand new - rpt brand new front and rear shocks and bushes and stay with the best 175 or 185 tyres that money can buy.

good luck
Roger Walker


I agree with Roger, I bought my V8 with 195's already on it. Whilst it seems to handle ok and has a nice ride, it is very heavy to manouevere in tight spots and I put that down to tyre size. On my other MG's I have had wider tyres and when I switched back to stock or very close the handling _always improved! They may have slightly less overall grip but the balance is much improved IMO. If you can find the stock size 175's I'd personally go for those. Yes, my car is running the Factory 14" wheels. The 195's do look good though and I don't have any interference problems at all, so go for it if thats what you like! :)

Neil Cotty

When I bought my GT V-8, the PO had installed a no-name (Invicta?) 195/60 tire on the stock rims. The car handled like a truck, and the spare tire put a permanent crease in the vinyl beneath the load floor. The load floor actually had to be forced closed. I have replaced the tires with 175R14 Michelin Rain Force tires, one of the few tires in that size available in the US. Haven't been able to road test them yet (car restoration in final stages) but other MGB owners have raved about them.

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

This a conservative group! -- a 60 profile is moderate these days. I'm using 195-55 15 tires Dunlop w 10. 15x6 alloy wheels. The car rides fine, is balanced, quick steering and sticks like glue wet or dry. The tire circumference is about 3 to 4% less than the original size tires and lowers the car about 1/4 to 1/2 inch.
Barry Parkinson

Barry, this group may appear conservative but please remember many of us are using a car built over 25 years ago, designed considerably earlier and not messed about with since ! These cars were simply not designed around low profile tyres and consequently the latter can - and often does - ruin the handling as well as the looks. YMMV

I'm running 155/50 series 15 Dunlops and the handling is greatly improved over the stock tires and they haven't rubbed anywhere, I'll probably opt for 205 or 215's when I replace these and I still shouldn't have clearance problems. Now if only my hood would have closed without having had to add that scoop......but really, the bigger wider tires and the scoop make the car look real fine to me, and that is what counts.
Michael S. Domanowski

Correction: 195/50's, typo!!
Michael S. Domanowski

Paul, a very good 195/60/15 tire is one that is particularly appropriate to Brit cars: a Dunlop A90. They are not terribly expensive, either. Super all-round tire.

Harry, your recommendation is useful to many, but not Paul or indeed anyone using the V8 with the original wheels - they are 14 inch rims. Original tyre spec is 175x14 HR.
One reason most people say 'I changed to 205 Bloggs XTs and they are miles better than the Goodlops I took off' is because almost any NEW tyre is going to behave better than old ones. Even if not much worn, they go hard and loose their characteristics with age - apologies if I'm stating the blooming obvious again....

David, I'm sorry I hadn't read your post carefully. I think I mistyped, anyway ... it's Dunlop A60, not A90. Perhaps they make 'em for 14" wheels? The only real benefit I can see to the 15 inchers is that when you use wide wheels, the inside of the wheels doesn't foul the tie rod ends and bonk the weights off. I think handling is fine with either one.

Granted few will opt for this configuration, but I've run Goodrich 265/50-14's on polished 5 lug centerlines for nearly 20 years now (whoops, first set were on Cragar S/S's- a truely horrible wheel) and liked it well enough to buy a second set and a good set of wheels to go with them. I think it lowers the car about an inch, I set the toe in by feel to nearly zero, (stock setting caused an ungodly rate of tire wear) and the feel and handling are exceptional. I do not think it is any harder to steer, but maybe later this summer that can be tested.
Jim Blackwood


Apologies for any confusion as I was not recommending 195's for a stock wheel as my rim width is 5.5ins which I think is too small for 195's. IMO 185's should be run on at least 5.5in rim and 195's on a 6in. Also do not assume the 195's will fit at the rear, try some first. If you are in my area you can try mine.

For your information I've been quoted following prices

Bridgestone RE720 60.45
Goodyear F1 63.97
Yoko A520 60.45
Michelin 78.07

Harry, I'm currently using Dunlop SP200 but I will check web site for A60's.



Whatever you do don't touch USA Generals with a barg-pole. I got lumbered with a pair on the back in place of Dunlop SP Sports and just could not believe how poor the wet weather grip was. I've had to put them on the front where they seem OK. Maybe the Hopkinson handling kit plus tube shocks on the rear contributes.

Paul Hunt

I joined this thread a bit late, but I tend to agree with PaulH that the standard factory GTV8 runs pretty well on the original size 175x14 tyres. I have been running Uniroyal 175HR14 R340 tyres for several years and have been pleased with them in both wet and dry.

PaulH, are the prices that you quoted for 175x14? I believed that there was very little choice of tyre at the standard 175HR14 size unless you accepted a lower speed rating - does this tie in with your investigation? Mine are getting a bit old now and could do with replacing soon.
David Biddle

Joining the thread even later.... but I just fitted Pirelli P6000 (185/65/14) on standard rims. ukp55 for each wheel. I think they're superb!! I can now park the car without dislocating my shoulder! :o)

It's all relative I guess... I replaced a *very* knackered set of 175/80/14, so the difference in handling is enormous, given the lower profile and fresh rubber...


My vote, once again goes to the Dunlop D60/A2 JLP. I've got 195/60x14s on Minilikes on my '73 4cyl. 'B. No rubbing or tire squeal and what I consider a comfy ride. Perhaps not the "ultimate" performance, but at less than $50 each (mail order) , hard to beat. Top rated by Consumers Report, to boot. And the name Dunlop just seems more appropriate on an MG than Yokohama or Falken!

Can anyone let me know if this tire is available in the UK? I hate to keep recommending this tire if it is unavailable.
Derek Nicholson

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