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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ugly MGA, nice air cleaner

This car is very ugly. However, check out the air cleaner on the engine. Not sure what brand or where it came from, but it looks like a nice low profile unit with filters that appear to be K&N. Don't like the car, but the filter is interesting.
Jim Lema

What a turd. I remember that POS being sold last year, looks like the owners just get tired of it, man, what an eyesore. So what is MG about that car besides the grill?

That thing looks like it was built by Bugs Bunny on acid. As for the air cleaner, I have a similar one on the shelf, made by Turbonetics.

K&N is selling this adapter.


Joerg Huesken

How much though?

$254.03 Custom Plenum 85-1060
$261.56 Single Snout for Weber DGV series 85-8921
$255.27 Dual Snout for Weber DGV series 85-8927
$110.64 DGV Adapter Kit 85-1061

They look good, but who has over three inches of clearance above the carburetor flange?
George Champion

There is a special place in Hell for anyone who commits the type of crimes that have been done to that MGA!!
John Perkins

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