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Does anyone else think there is a requirement for a British, british v8 type organisation. Reading the US site does make me a bit envious. See The UK seems all a bit, RV8/the little man down the road does it all for me. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. Kind regards Richard.
Rich Evans


Maybe you haven't found this Forum:

Have fun!
Carl Floyd

Sounds a good idea to me Rich.
Were you thinking of general V8 or specifically MGB's?
There is a lot of 8 pots out there!!
D M Tetlow

Curtis, sounds like an opportunity for sure. Don't see why you guys shouldn't have your own organization, or perhaps join with us and Curtis could put in a section for UK based conversions. Same goes for the guys from "Down Under" as well. Keep it open to all British marques although MGBs will probably have the greatest numbers, it can't hurt to include the Triumph and Healey groups and others as well. After all, if they've taken the plunge and swapped in a bigger engine, they at least have the same idea at heart.
Bill Young

Bill has a good idea.
We could be under the wing of the experts in the States and may get some more local input.
I am sure there are a lot of Fords with V8's that would be handy to give very helpful input.
As purists the MGBGTV8 guys are very thin on the ground in comparrison to the rest of us, as it is in the USA.
D M Tetlow

We'd be VERY, VERY happy to publish articles and photos from/by British contributors in The British V8 Newsletter (

Since the newsletter went online-only, postage cost and international mail delays are no longer issues. Since we no longer have printing costs, a newsletter issue can include as many articles and photos as I have time to digitize.

My wife and I traveled to England and Scotland in May, and four articles in the next issue will be from that trip. (Lots of photos from in and around Abingdon, Witney, and Silverstone.) We also signed up our first U.K. advertiser.


Contributors from other countries are invited too (although articles will need to be written in the English language so I can mangle them properly as "editor").

How to contribute...

How to contact...

I think perhaps we should follow a similar vain as the states, british sports cars (as Bill says). The Fords are very well covered, see the site Carl refers to above. Together with my self built BGT v8 conversion, I also have a midget and '47 TC. The midget has the MASC group and the TC has the most excellent MGCC 'T' register who have meetings and technical rebuild seminars.
Rich Evans

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