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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Update!!! - British V8 2005 - special guest!


I just got of the phone with Ken Costello....father of the MGB V8!

He has agreed to attend British V8 2005 - "The Driving Experience of 2005!" and will be arriving in Terre Haute on Thursday, June 9th...staying through the weekend.

He's looking forward to meeting our fellow V8 enthusiasts (and yes..the other conversions as well!)...and especially looking forward to Track Day at Putnam Park!

If you've *not* yet sent in your registration OR made your hotel reservations..DO IT NOW!

The block of room with a guaranteed rate expires on May 9th...unless we can convince them to extend it by a couple of weeks....and we need to get our order in for t-shirts ASAP!

If you still need a registration form...or need hotel information....please check out the website at: > newsletter > 2005 event


rick ingram
pete mantell
dave kirkman

your British V8 2005 event coordinators
rick ingram

We are sitting at about 30 right now. That does not include our guest, Ken Costello...

I had a Morgan Plus 8 register over the weekend in addition to the V6 conversion of Mike Maloney and the V8 conversion of Bernie Posey.

We now have at least one V6 conversion, one Austin-Healey conversion with a Chevy block (if I remember correctly), one Triumph conversion, one Morgan, two visitors from England, two or three registrations from Canada to augment the V8 conversions in attendance. Enthusiasts are coming in from Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ontario, California, and Tennessee to name a few points of origin.

We are in to the final month of this time next month we will be running the autocross at the Terre Haute airport using airport transfers tonbridge!


rick ingram
rick ingram


Don't know if I can get there- if so, it would be for Friday and Saturday only- but please get me an XL T-Shirt. I'll get signed up.

Wife is coming from out in California for June- I'll try to talk her into it, but don't know if she'll go for it
greg fast

Good news!

The Holiday Inn has extended the cut-off for our block of rooms until MAY 23!!!!!!

So...if you've been "on the fence" for so long that you thought you missed out on our block of rooms, call the Holiday Inn today, get your room reserved (we suggest coming in on Wednesday nite so you'll be able to enjoy all of Thursday's activities!), and get your registration form in to me...TODAY!

Registration form and hotel information available at: > newsletter > 2005 Meet



ps..Greg...get your registration form mailed in to me ASAP!
rick ingram

Rick, count me in, (though I *am* having trouble printing off the registration form for some reason. Screwy printer!) Does that shirt have a pocket this year? Is there a hat? What color? Yeah, I know, I haven't been paying attention.

Jim Blackwood


The check is in the mail

Bruce Wyckoff

Bruce....I heard that line before! ;-) rick

Rick - I talked with Andy Knaut yesterday, he's sending his registration in today
Steve Carrick


That's great news!

I received regrets from Barrie Eggerton this morning; ditto with Jim Miller of Michigan.

But...I've had a flurry of registration activity the past week.

Less than a month away!

rick ingram

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