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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V-8 Dyno Results?

Greetings all,

I'm surprised nobody has inquired yet, but for all of us who couldn't make the V8 festivities, and/or are still planning/dreaming the perfect V8; could someone share the dyno results and specs of the cars?

Hope all had a great time and arrived home safely,


p.s.; too early for pics yet???

Bob Samyn with his MGA w/350 chevy had 328 hp
Steve Carrick's MGB w/302 Ford had 323 hp
Mike Moor's MGB w/300 Buick had 306 hp

I don't remember what Pete Mantell or Ted Lathrop had

Steve Carrick

My 302 Ford was 240 @ 6000 rpm 320 ft lb torque
Just fine for me !!!
Gil Price

My 302 had 257 HP.
Stock block, Edelbrock Heads & Cam.
All figures above are rear wheel HP !


Pete Mantell

my 138bhp @ wheels seems so feeble :(
Derek Watson

"Ol' Smokey" put out 150 HP before the dyno guy cut the test short because he was being overcome by smoke. Actually surprised me that it was that high, seeing that the motor is so worn out. Next year I will definitely have a new motor in the car, though the constant backfiring at the Grattan track this year kept the geese away.
Kurt Schley

Anyone else care to share?

Any more B/O/P/R's, or V6's?

Thanks for the reply gents, I was just curious ... and envious!


Rover 3.9 V8 (3.5 SDI Vitesse bored to 3.9) 9.75 compression, cleaned up vitesse heads, RV8 manifolds, Rovercraft Cam, lightened & Balanced, Mallory dual point dizzy with mallory electric ignition conversion, Edelbrock performer inlet with 4barrel edelbrock carb. 226bhp measured at wheels at 5000rpm. Motor done 800 miles at time, so maybe a little more to come when run-in. Have now added K&N element & extreme lid, so hopefully should be breathing a little better.
Ian Sanders

Steve,I think Dan Masters recorded all the cars that dynoed.Mike
Mike Moor

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