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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V6 3.8 EFI Series II 90* MGB Swap

Just taking a pulse friends as I close in on final details for completion and road test of my 2 year 3800 swap.

Is anyone doing same or similar in the 90* flavor?. Don Ziegler, famous for firsting this swap in 1999 into the small tunnel 1968 mgb roadster, has gone dark and all I have are a few of his archived words and a jpeg of his creation as my desktop backdrop--My daily reminder that it has been done and it's time to get mine done. Must say the wax/wain dynamic has had full effect on me--Gawd it's been 2 years!!!!.
However the PCM has just come back all freshly flashed with spoof-outs for Vats VSS and other technical toe-stubbers.
Anyway, any fellow 90* swappers out there? I'd love to chew the rag with you. And advisers too, please, your 2 cents if you like. Cheers, VEM
vem myers


I would like to know more about who reprogrammed your PCM, that TR8 V6 3.8L conversion is coming to a close... or a lot closer and I would really like to help him with th ePCM issue but dont know who to go through. I have ideas, but if you've already had one done!!!

BMC Brian McCullough

Let us know who is doing your pcm work,I'm putting a supercharged v6 3.8 II in a 74GT(5speed)

Ok, the guy is a PCM savant back east, .
His name is Ryan____ and he does have the pinouts as well for the Series II and III 3800. Todd, do you have the donor car? Brian, sounds like that TR is as long in swap-tooth as mine, eh? Vem
vem myers

yes i do have the donor car

Todd- Your advantage is huge for the project. Series II is what 1998-2003? They went to DBW in 2001, and I have retained this and not converted to a mechanical accelerator cable. As far as my PCM is concerned, it is still in the 2001 Camaro from which it came. I used the shortened rear axle ( and the disc brakes) with a shortened driveshaft.Ryan can take out the Vats, VSS, and other pricly problems if you choose for a flat $92. Ot6herwise, I'm retaining the fuel pump, run by PCM, the DBW as said, the console loom with brake pedal switching, and "park" detection, and the plug for checking the "check engine" light. The stock MGB ignition switch activates the PCM and starter relay for the solonoid.
I have considered trading up for the SC as they are really balley-hoowed for the 3.8 90*, so I am slightly adrool with your project Todd.I've a T-56 if you want for the 3.8 swap I'm not gonna use afterall: 9800 original miles.
Check in off BBS and I'll share some jpeg with you. How far, by the way, you on the swap? Vic

vem myers

Hi Vic
what is DBW? my doner car is a bonnivle sse 95.I'm making the mounts now.its all under the hood, the 5 speed trans and bellhouseing is from a 94 gm v6. tell us how the test goes. Todd
Todd Price

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