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Hey, I am considering doing a V6, the 60 degree GM motor, swap into my B. I am looking for parts sources and things like that on the internet. I have looked at the ARI engine site and like what they offer in the 2.8L size. Forged low compression pistons and the like. One of my main questions is this: what induction set up are you all running? I would like to run a single turbo set up so a multi port set up is key. Anyone guide me along this path? Thanks

Go to, a web site with links to some of the most knowledgable people doing 60 degree v6 conversions.
Good luck,
Gary L.

I agree, go to

Check out and join the Forum, you will enjoy.
Also see the links, mine is there as well as others who are building various styles of drivelines...

There are two different styles of GM 60 degree.

The early all cast iron RWD motors built from 1982-1995 (GM Still builds brand new crate motors) These motors with the T5 five speed are 30 Lbs lighter then the stock MG B driveline- apples to apples all set and ready to go.

Then there are the 1987-1997 FWD motors with the Aluminium heads (98-2003 are different again) which have some nice features such as about 20 lbs (maybe 25?) lighter then the cast iron heads which would bring you to around 50 Lbs lighter then the stock MG B driveline.

I use the cast iron motor, so the most of the info I give is most pertenent to them.
The cast iron motors have: Carburettors (stock 2 barrel, aftermarket 2 barrel, aftermarket high rise 2 barrel, aftermarket hi and low rise 4 barrel manifold and carb....) TBI (throttle body- or in the queens English "single point injection"), MPFI (Multiport FI) and SFI (Sequential Port FI)

In 1987 GM went to the internal balanced motors which have a balncer in the center of the crankshaft. When rebuilding a 2.8L motor from 1987 or newer, a 3.1L crankshaft can be installed- this would create a 3.1L motor- the stroke was the only thing that made the difference in displacement. Later, the 3.4L was built by giving the motor bigger cylinders and having a 3.03mm size larger bore, but still used the 3.1L crankshaft... So a 2.8L with a 3.1L crankshaft and 3.1L pistons that are 0.030" over would make a 3.2L. ARI checks thier blocks and bores them out to make them into 3.4L units. Uh oh.. I just gave away the trade secret! ;-)

I have looked into the forced induction, personally would rather do a Supercharger, but it is all personal preference you know. If you were to go with a TBI system, Bill Guzman of CCE has a system being worked out for a supercharger.

The MPFI manifold is a little too high and would require bubling the bonnet. Instead of running a MPFI manifold, just switch it out for a SFI manifold. The only difference that I am aware of is that the SFI manifold does not have a cold start injector. The MPFI Manifold is the only stock unit that will not fit without issues. The 4 barrel carburetor top half of the manifold is now sold 1" shorter and does not require a hood bulge either.. Bulges are for personal taste only and not needed.
SFI manifolds are 1" lower then the MPFI units and clears the bonnet well.

Anyways, check out the site, you will get alot of info on these systems.
-Brian Mc Cullough.
BMC Brian McCullough

Thanks for the links. Does anyone have any pictures of a 60 degree V6 in a rubber bumpered B? Thatll give me an idea of how much room there is between the radiator and the front of the motor. Gotta see if a turbo will fit. I mapped out the pressure ratio and mass airflow calculations for the 2.8 at 2500-7500 rpm and think I know which turbo I need to be looking at. Thanks

Jarrod, the latest and greatest in V6 conversions is done by British Car Conversions in Dayton, Ohio. They can do a complete turn key for all MGB's and most Bitish sport cars.They can also sell you a kit that uses a converted 3.4 V6 60°engine that puts out over 200 HP. They had a car at the recent 2003 V6/V8 convention in Tennessee and it was converted very nice. They offered free demo rides. It was an extremely fast car. Here is a website but they are redoing the pages. There is enough info to be able to make contact with the company. Copy and paste

Jarrod, if you send me your e-mail address I can send you some pictures. The forum has great info.

Bill Guzman

Jarrod, has pictures there as well. somewhat hard to find, but nice. Also go into the picture section.. I think you will find there is a picture section in the forum which the moderator, Shawn, gives links to the pictures as well.

BMC Brian McCullough

I would love to see some pictures. My email address is listed above. Thanks

Because I'm an idiot, I am attempting a 3.8 L v6 at 90* with 10k miles from a 2001 Camaro swap into a 1977 MGB. Billy G. politely warned me of the landminds, but noooooo I just had to have the factory 200 hp, wire drive, PCM, ECU, Eiwe POO POO B DOO. And to guarantee burnout and bankruptcy I got me a T-56 to heighten the misery. I'm into it now, nothing to do but slog ahead nano-fractions at a time. Could be up and running before the next millenium. If I could do it again, I'd just screw a supercharger on the 18V and call it good enuf. Vic
vem myers

The 1987 and later motors also have a better rear main seal, so these blocks are preferred over the earlier blocks. If you have a lot of bucks, GM also offers the block in aluminum, although the RWD heads only come in cast iron. Either way, the weight is not a problem. As to size, I managed to put a '87 2.8 MPFI into my midget without major surgery to the firewall, so there should be more than enough room in a B to clear the steering and radiator.
Bill Young

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