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I was wondering if any of you that put v6's into your cars have any pictures of the engine bay with the motor in? I am wanting to do a conversion, 8 or 6 I am not sure yet. Thanks

Try there are lots of pictures and links to other sites.
Shawn Kennedy

Hey Shawn,
Every time I try to pull your website up, it tells me its unavailible. I am glad to see you posted it back up and cant wait to see the new forum you were talking about...

BTW: My website is still down. :-(
I will get it back up by the end of this year.

Matt, if you also have problems getting to Shawns website, try his (Old) MG V6 Forum, it is full of info on the 60 degree GM V6. You can go to that directly by clicking on:

Shawns website has many V6 links of interest and I recommend it.

I am looking for my old website address so I can referr people to it for now.. It has pics of our Unfinished Fuel injected project... Unfinished as the wiring harness was not in its loom yet and the air filter was not placed in correctly at that time. If it still exists, I'll send it in the next couple of days here.
-Brian Mc Cullough

MG V6 Conversions.
BMC Brian McCullough

What web browser are you using? I got the same message yesterday using netscape and mozilla but today it was working.
Shawn Kennedy

What type of motors do you use. Only 2.8L Gm V6's or have you tried the 4.3L? Will that fit or is there something different with that motor?

v6mgb web site comes up like a champ for me and the new forum is just like the one at acouple of the other v6 sites I have been on. works great
andy heston

The 4.3 engine with which I am familiar is a 90 degree V6 and is heavier that the 3.8 or 3800 90 degree V6's and much heavier than the 2.8-3.4 60 degree V6's. It would normally reside in a Chevrolet truck. It requires the same amount of mods to install as a V8.
George B.

So the 3.8 L is a 90 degree v6? I was thinking about putting the 3.8 out of a Buick Grand National in an MG. Anyone comment on that?

Matt, look at


Yes, the Grand National was a 90 degree V6. I believe all of them were automatics. Several people have installed 3.8's and 3800's in MG's. I don't know if anyone has succesfully installed a turboed 90 degree V6 or V8 engine in an MG.
George B.

I am using Internet explorer. I just tried it and it came up!

I just found out that the my old website was finally removed from the old server, again, I hope to get the new one up by the end of this year... Currently, I am building a new home and shop so these projects have been on the back burner.

BMC Brian McCullough

Have the 3.8 buick v6 in mine.. out of a skyhawk (82-84 I think).. its 60 degrees.. with the std 2 bbl and HEI.. only problem worth a mention is the height.. cant lower nuff to clear carb and HEI.. might try an MGC hood/bonnet.
n tx
Chuck Roche:65 MGB/V6:-71 Midget-86 944-03 Matrix

It can't be a 3.8 and 60 degrees unless it was punched out from a smaller displacement, and I believe all the GM V6 engines in that time frame were 90 degrees. The 90 degrees refers to the cylinder orientation, not the distributor timing.
George B.

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