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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V6 vs V8 - The basics

I've seen plenty of information on the pros of V6 and V8 conversions. However I've never seen anyone explain the cons of either or really compare the two for various types of driving.

My understanding is that V6 engines allow more space for working on the engine, are slightly lighter, cool better due to taking up less space in the engine bay, get better fuel economy than the V8 and are cheaper to buy and maintain. I'm thinking insurance may also be cheaper than a V8 and the engine, being smaller and lighter, may offer better handling.

On the other side I understand that the V8 will offer better highway performance due to better torque, have more raw power before modifications and scare most neighborhood children and pets.

Am I right in what I've learned so far or am I missing anything? I really like the idea of a British engine (Rover V8) but the V6 really seems a more practical way to go for a daily driver. I am also a believe that a true sports car is one where handling is paramount over power.

Any thoughts or information are welcome!
Steve Simmons

Most people don't show the insurance companies what they have, thus insurance is usually a non-issue.

The V8 will not offer any better highway performance on a $ for $ comparison... or is that a £ for £?

Better torque? We have an all stock internals 3.4L SFI motor- stock compression, stock cam grind, stock ports, stock everything on the long block. Items changed externally- ECU, Throttle body, intake tube and filter, small headers and a standard built exhaust system. The motor has 100,000+++ (lost track) miles on it now. 185 bhp and 230 foot pounds of Tq.

Weather you build an MG B 1.8L I4 or a 454 BBC for the car, you need to consider more then power- weight, differential ratios and LSD, gearing of the gearbox, tyre sizing, suspension modifications and so on. A smartly built I4 will blow the doors off a 1000 bhp/ 1000 Ft.Tq motor in a poorly set up car! Spend money on the overall project wise, not just on a motor....
You know- like the 'Got a Hemi in that?' Comercials.
How's that for devils advocate?

BMC Brian McCullough

Man did you just stir up a can of worms!!!

The debate has gone on strongly for the last few years. It really comes down to what you want, what you like and what you are familiar with in all honesty.

I would also add that a V6 is NOT less expensive than a V8, it is all in the deals and contacts you make. I know for me a V6 would probably cost more.

You can get a running 5.0 from a Mustang for $1000 or less, maybe $500 TOPS ($200-250 range normally) more for EFI electronics and your set. Or if you want a carb, $100-150 for intake about same for a used carb, $30 for a distributor, $20 for a cil, $30 for air cleaner and your done. Those are just off the cuff numbers, but should not be far off. Plus if you go carb after buying a complete EFI motor then you got EFI parts to list on ebay and recoupe a bit of $$.

DITTO on the proper set-up as mentioned by Brian. HP is useless if the chassis can;t make use of it..
Larry Embrey

Steve - you obviously have your own preference and you have had two good answers - there are a couple of small pieces of the jigsaw - there are many variants of the factory V8 including Costello's and lots of very good examples on your side of the pond - they can all call themselves MGB V8 or V6 and people find them desirable - they know more or less what they are getting, the V8 spares will be around for many many years to come and so people are willing to pay good money for a handy little runaround which will knock spots off most of the GTIs - whichever conversion you go for, it must be well done and the car must look fairly original (and there is a lot of latitude when you see what we were doing to them in the 60s).

Roger 3.9FI Rover/Buick Factory GTV8

You have answered your own question, your comments indicate that you hold the V8 in higher reguard and the V6 is a compromise. A very good chance then that you'll then always feel a little envious of V8's if you settle. No-one amps up their MG for reasons of economy, or even sence, they do it for the fun, or because they think its cool or stylish, or it was MENT TO BE ,whatever.
(At this point I shall run for cover before the V6'ers get going ;) )

Well, the original question was posed with equally prepared cars in mind. As far as my preference, I'm really not sure. There are aspects of both which I like. I would love the British engine and if prices are similar then why not more horsepower, but I hold handling and balance in much higher regard than raw power. Heck, my B engine is still mostly stock while most of my mods have been to suspension! I do like the spirit of smaller engines but I just have no experience whatsoever with anything but the B series 1800. Anyone want to loan me a couple cars for a week? ;=)
Steve Simmons

Steve, everyone has their preferences and more power to them (pun intended). I prefer the V8 and would not have a V6 if only because of the sound (my daughter has a Mustang V6 and it make my teeth grate when she starts it, Mustangs should have a V8). Brian's V6 is probably quicker than my 200 hp Rover V8 EFI but that doesn't matter to me. The Rover install with SD1 5-speed comes out about 35 lbs less than the 1800, so handling changes are not an issue. My handling is much improved by the use of 15x6 wheels and appropriate tires ewen though I prefer the sleeper look. No cooling problems. I also appreciate the spirit of a free-revving 4 having owned a Lotus Europa Twin Cam and various sundry etc. Anyway, this is what I have now:

You'll have to make up your own mind, but its not really a practical decision.

Good luck,

Edd Weninger

I have got to jump in on this one.
V-6 Engines are just wrong! Just like a $3 bill, guys who dress up like women, women who dress up like men, etc. Get a V8--you won't be sorry!
James Johanski

My first swap was a Buick 215 ci from a Skylark with a 3 speed trans and overdrive, the swap was done to a 65 rd in 1971.

Yes it was great at the time.
Not becouse I am involve with the V6 swaps, putting that aside.
The V6 cost less than a V8 yes it's true Larry.
The adavantage of the V6 over the V8 is simplicity of installation, good handling, a well balance package, and good performance. The sound, well my V6 do not sound like a V6, it all depends on choices of muffler and pipe size etc. Neither my Ford V6 or my chevy V6 sound like a V6, but my choice was not base on sound, my choice was base on power output vs chassis and simplicity in a package made for a daily driver B delivering good power (torque)and nimble.

I like my V6 more than I did my 65 with a V8. Again it's a matter of like and choices.
Making a choice on sound alone does not make any sense.

I am not saying that the V8 does not make a nice car, yes it does makes a nice car when it's completed.
Parts for the V8 (buick/Rober) are getting expensive and few. Parts for the Ford V8 are around, and parts for the V6 are around also. Now the question is which one would be simpler to complete.
I know of some owners who have both a V8 and a V6 and they drive the V6 more than the V8.
Ask those people who own both why they rather drive the V6. Don't base your decision on sound only, look at actual cost. cost depends on what approach you take.

I am not against the V8 both are different approaches to improve the breed.

Bill Guzman

Let's hear from those who drive both! C'mon, let's get this thing settled!

Bill, don't get me wrong, I'm not putting your V6's down. I like all unusual cars, I'm just making the point that some of us make odd choices for different reasons. When I rode dirt bikes, I preferred 4-strokes over 2-strokes even though I was slower. Kept my Gold Star going much too long as a desert sled when the Yamahas were quicker, lighter and better handling.

Steve will certainly get a variety of opinion here and all of it is good.

Edd Weninger

James, LOL!!!

David, you go! I wanted to say it but didn't. ;=)

Edd, I ride a V-Twin sport bike for the same reasons you rode your 4-stroke. I am willing to lose 15% horsepower in order to gain many thousands of RPM of useable power that inlines do not have. I shift a fraction as much as inline sport bike riders because of the extra low-end torque the big V-Twin produces.

But the difference between the motorcycle and a sports car is that the motorcycle already has more power than I can possibly use safely (or without soiling myself!). Sorry to get off topic.
Steve Simmons

Insurance wise in the UK we declare all mods, which can run into several pages, and the premium not surprisingly is higher than standard V8's.

I drive a KV6 (MGZS180)which you need to rev, and a V8 B which is lazy relaxed grunt, but both are enjoyable in different ways.

In the UK both insurance and perhaps resale value it may be easier to use RV8 (Costello was the first convertion)so a converted B is almost a "factory car", so there may be a few issues to resolve.

Another consideration is the midget with a K will whip a B unless you take it to say 300bhp, possible with a RV8 and still road friendly, and don't be surprised if a V6 is used in a Midget.

The RV8 just suits a B.


V-twin and Sport do not belong in the same sentence!
Michael S. Domanowski

Yep, here we go again. I was asked for my input by email so here it is. I will agree with Brian and Bill and always will simply because what they say has been proven over and over again.

I love a real nice small block installation. I owned one 215 Buick powered MGB. I also helped build a 327 small block Healy. The Buick MGB was nice and handled fairly well with the stock suspension. The Buick weighs more then the 3.4. It would have cost the price of two V6's to get the HP up to 220 HP. The 3.4 has 207 CI. The one we use makes over 200 HP. The torque and HP is higher then a stock 215 CI with any comparable air intake or exhaust. This is one of the reasons why I explored and found what I think is the best engine swap available at the right price in the USA.

When you consider a SB Ford or SB Chevy rated at least 225 HP the 3.4 215 HP is very competitive in straight line performance and a lot better handling while using the factory suspension. Torque is not an issue between the two engines at lower RPM becuase the 3.4 makes HP quicker then the small block at a more usable range, around 3500, and the car isn't lugging around another 100 or more lbs. when equipped with a 3.4.

As a matter of fact we do not offer any suspension upgrades with our modified 3.4 up to 250 HP because properly working factory suspension parts and drive train are all that is needed. These little six cylinder engines can easily attain 275 HP with inexpensive performance parts. After 250 HP rear end swaps should be considered but handling would remain the same if the weight of the rear axle wouldn't rise considerably. Brakes should definitely be upgraded.

The conclusion as I experienced it. HP upwards from 225 HP with a small block should be the winner in a straight line race, but the handling would be affected and the cost of building the car would increase considerably as HP rises, when trying to get the MGB chassis to handle the power. Dann BCC
Dann Wade

The 60 degree bank angle of the Chevy V6 makes it simpler in the engine bay. No cutting through the fenderwells for header clearance, no borgeson joints for header clearance (but as a safety issue - an extra joint in the steering is not a bad idea for collision insurance). A 90 degree V6 is just as involved as a 90 degree V8.

So, if you are paying for labor and parts, a V6 is cheaper to get on the road. Having said that, the stock V6 gearbox will have ratios too high making first gear a real stump-puller. A v6 from a larger car will be geared to get that big boat moving with a comparatively small engine and thus the gearbox will be too torquey and not enough top end when you put it in the much lighter MG.

Same could be said for a V8 box behind a V8. But the right V8 box behind a V6 could be "just right." Of course, projects like this are never done, so the V6 path is: Phase 1- use the complete driveline - cheaper and simpler - then Phase 2 - upgrade the rear end later and problem solved (with disc brakes and limited slip diff to boot)

Once it is built, I gotta believe the performance V8 Ford parts are more plentiful and cheaper. Rover motor bits are still pricey and I don't know that anyone has done an SBC.

My bottom line (your mileage may vary) A v6 is cheaper to do and plenty of power short of a drag car, but a small block Ford will have greater upgrade support. I've built DIY turbos before and I've got a Camaro 3.4 on the engine stand so my choice must be the one and only correct one. God told me so....or was that the martini olive that spoke to me?

There is something to be said for the utter wretched excess and total overkill of a big honkin V8....maybe next time.

Happy trails whichever path you walk or blaze.


Brian Corrigan

Brian Corrigan

You actually have to look at a particular V6 to compare it to a particular V8. It may be true to say most V6s weigh less than most V8s, but most V6s weigh more than the aluminum BOP/Rover V8 that is still the most commonly used V8 in MGB V8 conversions.

Generally you can expect V8s to have more power than V6s, but most V6s should be able to produce more horsepower than the 137 in the original MGBGT V8. Still the old saying ďthereís no substitute for cubesĒ is a way to point out that even if you get the same horsepower from a small motor as you get from a larger motor, the larger motor will have more torque and itís the torque that gives you the tire smoking-off the line launch.

Considering MGBs had only 97 bhp at their peak in 1967 and the last ones had only about 63 bhp almost any swap will be an improvement. Stock Ford or Chevy V6s probably have 130 Ė140 bhp, early Buick 215 had about 150 and the Buick Skylarks had 200, the Rovers have around 190 and whatís becoming ever more popular is the Ford 302s with about 300 bhp. I have the 200 bhp Skylark motor in my MGB and it had lots more power than it really needs, but I expect it would embarrass me in a drag race due to the excessive tire spin.

As for packaging; the V8 fits and looks great in there with no wriggle room to spare, but the V6s I have seen look as if thatís what should have been there all along. I certainly do think the tight confines of the engine compartment with V8 limit the exhausting of air that passed the radiator and that canít be as bad in the roomier V6 conversions. The V6s are smaller in length and width, but all seem to be taller as I have not yet seen one that didnít require a scoop or bulged hood.

At this time you can pretty much buy a kit to put a V6 in an MGB, but to put in a BOP/Rover you have to make a lot of decisions and buy parts separately, not packaged in a kit. The Ford V8 would be an even bigger challenge.

I agree with others that say sound and cost are dependent on a great deal of factors.

Now, itís my duty to track down the local owner of the local MGB V6 conversion and take turns driving one anotherís cars so we can each assess power and ride to make a proper comparison.
George Champion

Michael, tell that to Ducatti, Aprilla, Honda and Suzuki! :p

George, I think a great drive to take them on would be Interstate 10 to LA. And so long as you're out here... ;)

I need to get out to Bill's place to get a better look at the V6 conversions. I don't know anyone around here with a V8 though.
Steve Simmons

George, You are right about choices. If you ever get to Ohio, drop into my shop and, I am very sincere about this, I'll hand you the keys to one of my cars and let you be the judge. I also have a friend near Scottsdale that knows these cars. I presently have two conversions underway in California. I'll bet my booties and a paycheck you'll learn something about a 3.4 conversion you would never expect. (Hint) I've got a stock 3.4 in a 79 MGB that would blow the doors off my old GTO and the Mustang boys in this area know the car when they see it. BTW none of my conversions have any tell tell signs of any modification of the body. I strive for the "sleeper look.

Torque isn't always the deciding factor in how a car is going to launch. It's the relationship of a lot of factors like weight, power band, torque, HP, etc., all controlled by a smart fuel/ignition system or a well tuned carbureted induction system. Check out Speed Vision and the rice burners. I don't want to put up to big a debate on the matter because it usually gets switch away from the subject at hand. Anyway I loved your input, it has very good merit. Dann BCC
Dann Wade

re: I am not against the V8 both are different approaches to improve the breed.

GREAT statement! And....very true! Each choice has its plusses and minusses!

who chose the V8 route....because it's my car.
rick ingram

I am still at the research stage here, but it apears that there is a company who are using the FWD V6.
They claim that there conversion does clear the bonnet altogather.
This for me is high on my criterias, if I were to decide to go with a V6.

Bill offers a conversion that will allow you to use a RWD inline engine in your MGB. This is a very good conversion. With this conversion you might have to put a bump in the hood to clear the air cleaner. With our conversion the differences would be HP, technology and engine weight. You will not have to modify the hood in any way. Our modern engine is capable of 200 plus HP with simple tuning and we use the very latest GM 3100 or 3400 engines. These engines can be found in most medium size GM automobiles mini-vans.

I thought I should add the following index...

Our conversion kit does not require a bulge in either configuration FI or using a carb both fit under the hood very nicely.

Again choices, some like the cool air on the carb set-up. Of the 80+ kits sold only a few opted for the scoop look.

When someone speaks technology, I hope they are not talking about an internal combustion engine, as I know it, internal combustion engines are very ooold technology. If they refer to FI that also is not new technology, We have a choice simple carb, Demon or Holley. TBI, MPFI or SEFI, These systems were made to power the heavy iron such as Camaro-Firebird 3200+ lb and the S-10 truck series, Jeep,etc
don't confuse this year model as new technology.

Wade...I am tired of your back-handed comments and acting as if you were someone else in this thread and others.

Now, lets talk new technology, Magnetic power is the next achievement. Magnetic power has already tested in sacale models with great sucess, test were conducted by the Navy and Air force. We perhaps will not see it in our life time.
Bill Guzman

The UK market is slightly different from US re RV8 but there is a pop up deal from RPI re new RV8 engines to US

The 4 pot K conversion is available in UK which should be around 200bhp with good fuel economy etc for a useful daily driver although this is in competition with MGF.


Under the hood sleeper look can be accomplished by the Rover and the Ford V8 conversions, alum heads bring the Ford down to within 50lbs of a stock car, Rovers are a touch lighter than stock, so the weight and hidden look are not that relevant. I could have stayed Carb'd and be under the stock hood and been driving the last few years, but I chose to go "modern" (sorry Bill, I know what you are saying) EFI, and it is STILL under the hood with all stock components and no milling of intakes, etc.

As for HP Sure, you can probably easily get a V6 to put out 225-300hp, but that will be a peak HP usually high on the rpm range, the HP curve will be fairly steep up to it, making the car less enjoyable as a cruiser/daily driver for many people. Same for a 4cyl, there are tons of people out there with Ford 2.3L turbo's hitting 300hp on stock block and internals, just dail up the boost. Now a V8 will have a shallower curve and produce higher HP and torque right off idle and just keep climbing. Torque also allows us to fix our gearing issues and get away with gearing the cars way down, I am going to go with 2.73 rear end ratio as it will bring my gearing in line so that I can actually use 1st gear.

Like I said at the top of this thread, this once again opened a BIG can of worms. It comes down to allot of prefference. I have seen probably 10 V8's locally and one V6, the V6 looked to be a more complex install than the V8 due to a unique motor install which required allot of changing of the steering shaft due to I believe headers. With the V8's, most of us realise the truth and just use RV8 type headers with holed in the fenders.
Larry Embrey

Sorry, I hit send before I was done.

On the Cost thing, maybe V6 can be a touch cheaper out the door for a stock motor like has been said. I personally never built my motor stock. I bought it piece by piece the 1st time. $650 for rebuilt 302 with new cam and lifters, $900 for alum heads built to match my cam, $350 for intake carb and distrib, $50 for K7N filters and drop base carb assembly. I never got it dynoe'd but I bet I had a good fair amount over 275hp and it was as smooth as silk, she weighed 2420lbs with a full tank of gas, spare tire and 150lb tool box inthe trunk.

This year I put a new short block in it. Sold the old one (for a small profit after a year of use) I bought a COMPLETE 5.0 rolloer motor for $915 out the door, soold the intake off of it for $350, sold the heads for $300, so for $265 I had a new block, I sold the old one for $700. $50 for a set of 94/95 GT intakes, $150 for a 95 cobra EFI system,(ecu, harness, injectors, TB, sensors and distributor) SHe runs like a top now starts at the turn of a key and actually has more power than before. So, pricing is VERY subject to who you know and what you know with regards to finding deals.

IF you go 302/5.0 I HIGHLY suggest you start to get in touch and in contact weith the local mustang crowd in your area, go to the forums and then the regional forums. Read for a while, then start posting and asking ??'s, Clubs may not be the most receptive, but the local active members from stangnet will usually be fun guys and really be interested in your project. They quickly become a great source of cheap stock parts too!!
Larry Embrey

Wow,dejavu! Has this been discussed before? Anyway, my 2 cents worth. I just rolled in from a top down spin in my 3.4 V6, and after driving it for a year now, I can still say it is a blast! Quick, smooth, and a great exhaust note! By the way, this car is a killerb product, Nice work, Wade!
Bryan Heidtman

for sure deja vu, larry are you bringing a car to the meet in august? having owned a 215 mg and a 3.4 mg , both at the same time, when it came time to sell a car i sold the V8. so yes i have very specific reasons. but a year or two ago the former editor of the V8 newsletter asked me if i would do a cost comparison of a V6 to V8 conversion for a newsletter article. i would still be interested in this, larry if you are going to be there maybe we could sit down and compare notes and compile some numbers based on equal parameters, it would be interesting just for the sake of seeing a comparison, but as always it comes down to personal preference. do you want to drive your 6 to the meets or trailer your 8, me i like to drive, jim
james madson

Steve, one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the year of your MGB. I believe it to be a '67? If so, you might be better off with a V6. The Rover V8 will require some mods to the shell to fit, although it is almost a bolt-in in the later tubs which were designed to accommodate the Rover.

Edd Weninger

Eddm I don't have the car yet. I do prefer the early steel dash so I will be looking for a '67 first, but I've seen some nice later dash mods so that's not out of the question either.

Great thread. Very informative!
Steve Simmons

Bill, Here we go again. The making of a flame war. I don't have time for this. I made the statement Jegawatt referred to more than a year ago and you know this because you and I discussed this before. I haven't had the time to be in this forum for quite sometime. As for using a fictitious name I always use Dann Wade, the name I was given at birth so what's up with your attitude. I remember when you wanted to merge with my company so you could cover your self on the coast so what's up here Bill. I also know that you wanted to visit my shop here in Dayton when you had a trip scheduled for Bowling Green, Kentucky, at the Corvette plant.
I don't recall ever knocking you or your products. I did claim the FWD was superior over the RWD and I always will because it's true. Why are you so concerned about what I say when the opportunity for you to develop the FWD is there for you also? You also know that I have even referred customers to you. You also said you like good competition so whatzup with that. What As for technology, The FWD has needle bearings in the rocker arms, roller cam, and three angled cut valves, angled valves, a straight shot at the intake valves, better oiling system on and on, etc., and the engine lends very nicely and easily for HP gains. The FWD is very modern to the more than 10 year old 1993 RWD last year production 3.4 engine. The replacement engines are still the same as the last production. Begging your pardon for a moment you should know that I have improved the lot of the RWD and I would have thought that that would be of interest to you. I have done hours of expensive research and development of the rear wheel drive engine and have achieved a remarkable 230 HP with stock GM parts, the kind you can find in a salvage yard. I don't rest on my laurels At British Car Conversions, I am constantly R&Ding a lot of different ideas. I'm sorry you chose to use a hostile attitude in these threads. I will not respond to you in the same manner if you don't mind. Excuse me sir I have work to do.

Dann Wade
British Car Conversions
Dann Wade

BTW whats new about magnetic power, Marconi used it in the telegraph.

Dann Wade

OK...This thread has deteriorated.

I proclaim it officially deceased.



Passed on.

Kicked the bucket.

Now....let's get back to the business of MG conversions and leave everything else outside!


rick ingram
rick ingram

right on, get out and drive'em like you stole'em
james madson

Samuel F.B. Morse, telegraph.

Marconi, the radio.

Sorry,I couldn't help it.

Think ewe, now i'm even smartre thin I wuz.
Dann Wade

I amy be contacting you soon with some critical questions.

I will not be sending those links after all.

Finally, to avoid any future speculations, From this day foward Jegawatt will be known as VitoPapageorgio.
You may either address me as Vito or Mr. Papageorgio.

P.S. Actually, the true cutting edge technology for propulsion is so new and advanced that it is "secret".
It is known as Plasma-Drive by a very rare few in the theoretical realm. Although I did know a mathematician who also identified clues and indications that the capability has been realized for some time.
It is the manipulation of gravity fields.

unless the board prefers Jegawatt,hehe.

No, we just prefer Dann.

"we" has an extrordinary analytical mind.

Papa what?!? Heh! Ok then, enough of this. It has been a very educational thread up to now. If anyone has some legitimate viewpoints to offer I would love to hear them. Otherwise I guess we can let it die. I certainly don't want to start a "what is better" argument, I was just looking for comparisions between different setups so that I and others can make their own decisions based upon those observations. It's nice for the community to join together now and then to offer up what new tricks and information they have learned.
Steve Simmons

No sorry, not going to the meet. We can compare any time you like though, just shoot me an email..

As to the drive the V6 or tow the V8, C'mon man!! :-)

I daily drove my V8 60 miles a day for a long time, I would still today if it was not being worked on. With a badly tuned Holley 650 I got around 18mpg avg, the carter with vac secondaries upped that to 20. EFI should shoot me way up, but time will tell on that..

Larry Embrey

I appreciated your perspection (as well as others) in regards to the torque of the V8. That along with the fact that effort is close to being the same..I think I need to verify if there are indeed any steering mods with the other kit as well as hood clearance(FWD V6).

...that may be the decisive factor for me (V8 or V6).

You just can't make a V6 sound like a V8.
Steve Nightingale

Your e-mail address is not working. What gives?

Ferris Bueller's V8

From what I understand, those cars start life as mgb roadsters. Pretty car even for a kit!
Steve Simmons

I don't know what you are talking about Dan, merging??? Visit you shop??
The only thing that you and I talk about via e-mail was about some computer you were going to install in a V6 and you were going to give me a price etc...But...never heard from you.
My attitude is the same every day. I am just tired of you saying that our kit needs a scoop here and to future customers, (they tell me you told them) when is not true, I even send you a picture of a car with a TBI that fitted under the hood, and you and I talk about it via e-mail and you were going to removed the statement from your web page, remember Dan?
I really don't care about what is better than... etc

I am not knocking your products Dan. Frankly I have not seen one, but people who have your swap they like it. That is what really matters Dan.
Dan I don't do this for a living, and it hardly pays for my racing, I do have some new products, the machine shop bus is growing, but I am having great fun and meeting great people, and what really matters to me Dan, is the nice people that I meet due to the involvement of MGB's and their owners. Now, if you were offended for what I said, that is your choice. My intention was not to offend you, but to remind you that a hood scoop is an option, not a necessity with our kit.
Would I like to visit your shop, yes, if you have something exciting, you bet! would I like to merge with you, NO,MG's are not my only bus. I have no need Dan, but thank you for the offer. If you are going to the V8 meet, lets get together and talk about LS1 on MG's. Hope to see you at the meet Dan.
Bill Guzman

The frame is a custom tubular, however I can neither confirm nor deny if the main body is MGB. I know some of the components are indeed MGB (deck lid, tailights).

The following link will take you to a good KitCar article with is an interesting read.

...and yes it is a gorgeous car.

The main body would have to be modified extensivly to accomadate the tubular frame as well as the new body lines.
...seems unlikely.

Did you see those wheel splines?!?!?
Steve Simmons

Yes, I did now. They are quite large.

Bill, I gave the info about your inquires exactly how I received them in various emails. Those were emails that were not saved. You may not have remembered. I assume then that you didn't visit the Corvette plant on the date that you gave me? You were not interested in sharing our ventures in a business way? I regret now that I didn't save the emails.

As far as this statement goes "Now, if you were offended for what I said, that is your choice."

The statement in question was "Wade...I am tired of your back-handed comments and acting as if you were someone else in this thread and others."

???? My choice???? You must mean if someone deliberately used falsehoods against me and slandered me with unqualified statements it would be "MY CHOICE" to be offended. Would that be similar to say if you lied you are sorry and it's my choice not to be offended? If it is my choice to not get offended then why would you make that statement and then give me a choice? I am NOT to get or not to get OFFENDED? Actually I was not offended by that statement. I considered it as a desperate move to attract attention by the perpetrator. If there was any truth in that statement I haven't found it.

Also....."My attitude is the same every day."

Geez, I wish I could do that. I certainly was never known to set back and let anyone take pot shots at me. My wife and kids and traffic even piss me off.

Again....."I am just tired of you saying that our kit needs a scoop here and to future customers, (they tell me you told them) when is not true, I even send you a picture of a car with a TBI that fitted under the hood, and you and I talk about it via e-mail and you were going to removed the statement from your web page, remember Dan"?

I never ever mentioned a scoop anytime, I don't use that word. If they were your customers why would they be shopping at my store?

Never got a photo Bill. I always claimed your conversion MIGHT require bumping or altering the hood when getting all the inquires from "your" customers. This was also the same wording or very similar wording I used in the FAQ's column as I recall. Semantics could be an issue here. The possibility of bumping the hood still holds true. Take the case of an earlier model MGB where there is less vertical distance in the engine bay. In these cases a well breathing system would be sacrificed or the hood MIGHT have to bumped.

I thought I had my webmaster remove the statement to show good faith and I reminded you that I did.

It might be of an interest to you that if a person disperses hearsay about another person, one MIGHT think his business ethics MIGHT be in question.

At this time I wouldn't be interested in meeting and discussing any other subject matter. I am a private entity and wish to stay that way.

Dann Wade

Dann Wade

Steve, Just for the heck of it our V6 exhaust system sounds like a Ferarri from hell. :-)


Damn, I was just about to ask if anyone was working on a v6 midget conversion. Bill Young, I'm afraid it is up to you to develop the v6 midget in your spare time. ;]
Stan Williams

Wow! Dann W has some serious issues. smile life is good.

Dave, Florida.

The email has been working. Try clicking on one of the links in my threads. Should work. Thanks.
Dann Wade

Having just skimmed the thread I must presume it is essentially identical to the last one. Sooo..... just to put my 2 cents in, personally, I like V8's. With big honkin' custom equal length tubular fenderwell headers and sidepipes and a roots style blower stuck on top! (So what if it sticks through the hood? at least there's no hood bulge!)

Jim Blackwood

Excuse me sir, you're protruding!

Love the hood design. :)
Steve Simmons

We have several gearheads at work and the subject of car mods, mostly US iron, comes up frequently. During a recent lunch time bragging session in my office I pulled up pics of your car. Everyone just got quiet for a moment and then I couldn't get them to shut up. opinions differ on the wing, but everything else was deemed a winner. Great car.

Thanks guys. Now if I could just get on the stick and replace those head gaskets in time for the show. So many honeydew projects... Well at least I no longer have water pouring into the lab when it rains, so it's mainly a matter of just getting it done. How I let myself be without the B for half the summer.... Well for that matter the Bonneville as well, *and* the monster truck. Just been breaking far too many toys this year, I think I need a vacation. I hear Myrtle Beach calling..... (Oh, and I broke the RV too! Well then, to the Beach!)

Jim Blackwood

Don't break your beach umbrella!
Steve Simmons

Now don't go trying to jinx me Steve, this is a perfectly good umbrella in good working order and.... oh darn the string is hanging up on something.. hey listen, I'll have to get back to you on that. School's out and Matthew's bouncing a ball in the bathroom, I promised to start digging up the flowerbeds this morning, my tax lawyer's not returning my calls, delivery of the pool is going to be late, I've got to schedule a concrete delivery, the throttle body and plenum for the truck is only halfway sandblasted and the wiring harness is wrong, and here I sit pushing butttons because I woke up late and with a bachache. Not that I'm complaining mind you, life is good. It's taken me many long years to get to this point and lots of guys would be quite happy to trade places. In fact, I've got a bluegrass festival coming up this friday followed either by a mild whitewater float trip or some reassembly of the D4 dozer or perhaps both, a visit with family in the bargain and then a monday earmarked just for Matthew. I guess the beach trip has to wait until the end of the month. Darn.

You know, I just might have to modify my plan to finish the truck before tearing down the car. After all, the Scout Nationals don't happen for another month and Edith *did* say we could pull the trailer with her Jeep if the trailer doesn't go over the towing limit. I know, I know, we should drive it. But then where would Matthew ride?

Jim Blackwood

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