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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V6 Water Pump Mod

The GM V6 has a pump housing that points down. In my application (MGA frame) it points right at the frame a few inches away and getting a hose that will hook up would be a difficult task.

I decided to cap off the original inlet and create a new one higher up, pointing forward toward the radiator instead of downward, by centring on the threaded hole in the GM water pump, boring it out and inserting a 1.5" alloy tube.

I take the liberty of inluding a URL for another board that accepts pictures so you can see what I am talking about if you are interested.

This may have application on MGB swaps as well - I don't know if the inlet is as close to the chassis as it is on an MGA, but having it point forward might be of benefit in any case.,334687
Bill Spohn

Nice job Bill, I had a similar problem with the V6 installation in my midget,used a short piece of hose and some ridgid copper plumbing tubing as an elbow to route the cooling line around the crossmember. I'll face the same problem on my MGA I6 and probably use a similar solution. I like to keep common maintenance parts such as water pumps original to make replacement easier. Loved the photos of the V6 you posted earlier, looks like you're doing a first rate job on the Jamacian.
Bill Young

Oh, forgot the link to the photo.
Bill Young

Bill, I agree with being able to get a water pump easily.

I had one go out on my MK 2 coupe and drove 500 miles before I was able to find another 3 main MGB pump. Bought an extra and put it on the shelf (and in the trunk on trips) and it is still there unused.

I modified 2 V6 pumps, one for the engine and one spare, and if the one on the engine ever goes out, I'll be able to stick the spare on while I have a new one modified.
Bill Spohn

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