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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 2006 - a good time had by all

Just got home after a few side trips through North Caroline. Dan Masters, what a great job you did!!!

Thanks for all the hard work, we all had a blast.
Jim Stuart

What a great event. Thanks Dan. Graeme and I had a wonderful time. Fantastic driving, good friends, and a fun time!
Special thanks to Steve and Kurt for the cell phone support!!! We really appreciated having you at the end of the phone while we were stuck at the side of the I75 in a torrential rain and hail storm. I guess the heat got to the 10 year old coil and it gave up just as we were moving over to avoid a merging tractor trailer. Don't leave home without those spare parts!!!
Martyn Harvey

I just found out that there was a rescue team working on a plan to rescue us with a trailer. I want to thank all those involved with that. Although it felt really bad to be dead in the water at the side of the I75 with transports blowing by and a storm raging, I just knew there was help ready if we needed it. You guys are great friends. Luckily we were able to make the repair and get going without dragging people up the interstate. I knew my car wouldn't let us down and so here we are safe and sound. Can't wait for next year's event in Cleveland.
Martyn Harvey

Ditto the above comments.

Nice showing of V8s on the showfield of MG2006 today as well!

rick ingram

Thanks to Dan and all who helped make this years event a huge success....the cars were outstanding and the people delightful! Denny Williams, please contact me, as I have a door prize that you won at the auction...
Mike Maloney

Speaking of which, could anyone tell who won the dooor prizes and what they won by chance?

Jim Blackwood

Got home Friday with over 1700 miles registered on the odometer since leaving for Tennessee. The only casualty was a rear sway bar rubber bush that had popped out (courtesy of the Dragon) and allowed some noisy metal to metal contact during the trip home.
Thanks Dan...this was a first class event and you've just raised the bar another notch - Kurt will have his hands full to top this for next year's meet in Cleveland.
Graham Creswick

Graham,I was 20 miles from home Friday morning, going to work and a nice looking MGB turned in front of me. Then I said, that car looks familiar, it was you getting on to 275 east and you should of wanted west unless you were going somewhere else. I wished I would of followed you but it happened so fast I didn't have time to react.

Jim, Mike just told me that I won the air horns, which after hearing the one's in Mark's Mini, should be fun. It was my wife Marcia's [sounds like Marsha] first time to the event and she said she could never relate when I would come home from other meets all excited. Now she understands and will join me next year.

The hospitality of Dan Masters was awesome. As for me, I'm making more friend's each year,it's nice to be around people who have the same passion. Denny of OHIO

Yep, that was me! Fortunately, I only got two hundred feet up the on-ramp, recognized the error, backtracked in reverse gear and continued to 275 West.
Nice meeting you and all the other Buckeyes!
Graham Creswick

I was trying to find the corect words to describe and to thank Mr Dan Masters and family for the greaaaa...t event, so, here it goes;
IT WAS GREAT FUN, "GREAT PEOPLE", GREAT LOCATION, GREAT EVENTS AND YES GREAT CARS. This is only my second event and it feels like I have known all of you a long time. Next year? Yes we will be present.

MG 06 is allot of fun and we are getting ready to depart home tomorrow.
My only regret is not doing the tail of the dragon, car has a noisy third gear, not bad, but do not want to take any chances, we still have a few hundred miles to go.
I survive a 97 degrees with 1000000 humidity.
I took me 1:40 to travel 3 miles my car for the first time got to 230 degrees and stay, max is 260.

There were a few V6 conversions at the show, I told them what a great event it was at the V6/V8 gathering, they will be there next year.

Come and visit us in Ca.
Bill Guzman

Mary and I just got home. What a fantastic event!! Thanks to Dan and all who helped for an event that was second to none. It sure was nice seeing everyone again. Where else can you have a get-together where people come from Oregon,California,Florida,Canada and everywhere in-between to share a common interest without a club structure. Words cannot describe the amount of friendship and comradary displayed by this group. Mary and I cannot wait until next year. Hope everyone gets home safely !!

Paul and Mary
Paul Schils

Just drove into the driveway here in Essex Ontario. Nice ride home without any mishaps. The MG and Morgan ran very well.
I would like to thank Dan and all for the wonderful time in Townsend Tennesee. It was great to see all of you and drive some of the most scenic roads in the Smokeys together. Looking forward to seeing you all in Ohio next year.

Dave B.
BR Dave

thank you Dan Masters for the time & effort. the V8 meet was "Over the Top". enjoyed meeting old & new friends. the Talley Ho was also great. hope to be in Cleveland on 07
kelly stevenson

MY THANKS TOO TO DAN for putting together an EXCEPTIONAL event!!!

And to all my new friends: I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better going forward. You folks really are great!

My little monster roared back into her own driveway Friday night at 9pm... 1400+ miles with pizza and a nap halfway at Columbia MO. No mishaps at all. (I went easy on the clutch.) Have I told you guys how much I love my car? Well, I love her even more with every mile.

p.s. The British V8 Newsletter would like to include your most interesting and/or funniest little stories about "V8 2006". We'd also love to show your favorite meet photos, and any photos you took of performance mods at the Gatlinburg show too. Pick your favorite way to send them from the "Contact Us" page at

Dreama and I want to thank Dan (and Mike) for all their work putting on such a great Meet. We had a blast! Ditto Curtis' thoughts on new (and old) friends- what a great group.

MG 06 was a staggering display of all kinds of MG's- but especially the conversions; they had to double the space allocated to us!

Robert Milks

Thank you , Dan very VERY GOOD stuff it was . We had a great time [some trials on way down & some there] but trip home [the 3day back road approach]was UNEVENTFUL !! as far as difficulties go. My new [used] valve spring worked great , it was free . My straightened [by way of hammer & eye ] pushrod worked great & it was free. The repairs & tuning [performed by ,,I dont know ? 10 ? different people] were free . with just A LITTLE harrasment about my lack of tach. & lead filled right shoe , just think next year theres suppose to be TRACK TIME , scary to think I might break it real good . Everyone was nice , thank you again [you know who you are] for parts/repairs. The most amazing thing [I thought] was the guy who gave his car , so another[whose car wouldnt start ] could go on the cruise , neither of these people had any idea who the other was , does it get any better than that ? I'm going to buy new set of springs so I'll have plenty next year, hmmmm , better get some rope to.
denny 1

Dan, thanks for all your hard work in coordinating the V8 event. It was great fun and well worth the trip. Also , it was great to personally meet everyone in attendance. I anxiously await next years event. Thanks again.

Scott Miller

I'm so glad you had a positive experience. It can be a challenge when things go wrong, but with the kind of support we have in this group it definitely doesn't have to be a bad thing.

But I do have one comment to make that could be construed as negative. Not that I want to be critical but that sometimes it is necessary to point out that we all should be as considerate as we know how. At the meet somebody's car was broken because a borrower abused it, and this is not right. It never should have happened and there can be little if any excuse for it. Despite what the owner may say to you, if you borrow his car you DO NOT drive it as if it were your own, unless you are prepared to buy it from him outright on the spot for whatever he might ask. Most of us understand this and act accordingly. But anyone who does not needs to get the picture right now. To do otherwise is an affront to any and all of us who put our time, effort and money into building these exceptional automobiles. It simply ought not to be done.

Jim Blackwood

BTW, Denny that last comment was not directed at you.
Jim Blackwood

Many, many thanks to Dan for another great British V8 meet. The 3 stooges Rick, Dave and myself all got home safe.(St Joseph IL, Mount Vernon IN and Sidney IL) 8 hours door to door for me, only 520 miles to travel though ! Awesome time had by all. Can't wait for 2007 !
Pete Mantell

Many more thanks to Dan and all the sponsers.It was another stellar gathering.It is always great to see everyone.It seems too long between visits.We made it home around 12:30 Friday night,no problems.We stopped for gas just in time to avoid a fatal crash on I-75.A local couple advised us of the back way around.We only lost about 30 minutes.Thanks again to Dan,Mike,Ted and anyone else that helped put on the Meet.Can't wait for next year.Kurt,Terri requested early August please! Mike
Mike Moor

Many thanks to Dan & Mike for the wonderful time. It could not have been any better. I can't imagine how many hours were spent planning and coordinating the great event. How many cars showed up at the event?

I want to give a special thanks to Pat Dempsey from Florida who let us borrow his very nice V8 roadster to drive to the riverboat cruise. Also thanks to Robert Milner and whoever else that helped diagnose the problem why my car wouldn't start (bad electrical portion of my ignition switch)and Ian Pender who happened to have the part in his trunk and graciouly let me use it; you should have your replacement part by the end of next week.

After riding in Pat's car my wife has decided that's what a V8 is supposed to sound like, I think my single pipe will be replace with dual pipes and a bit throatier mufflers.

It was nice seeing everyone again and meeting and making some new friends.

Bernie & Diana Posey
'79 MGB V8 (Yellow)
Bernie Posey

Dan, Great show, thank you for all your hard work. With the beautiful scenery and great friends, it doesn't get any better. Arrived home at 8:PM Saturday evening, 700 miles in 10 hours, not bad :)

Steve Carrick

Average speed, 70mph, Steve! Not bad!


Pete and I averaged 65mph on the trip home yesterday...and Pete was pulling a trailer, I was in the MGC!


rick ingram

"Pete and I averaged 65mph on the trip home yesterday"

I averaged that on the Dragon! ;D

Kudos to Dan, Krista, & Mike Masters for another fantastic Event. I know a lot of hard work, time, & planning goes into these events. Very thankful to those who step up to put them on for the rest of us.

It was so great to visit with our British V8 family, again. 2007 seems too far away for another get together!

Kurt & Sue, school starts Aug. 6, 2007 for the kids. May have to leave Robin at home if after that. Oh well, we'll be busy racin' anyway. ;)
Carl Floyd

Carl, "It was so great to visit with our British V8 family, again. 2007 seems too far away for another get together"! How about September in Ca. Also It should have read-- "Our British V6/V8 or V8/V6 Family" LOL :-) I suppose it will take some time to get use to it
They were 3 V6 cars this year and many more next year.

Bill Guzman

Hello Jim , Glad you added the [not directed at me ] I thought there was some confusion since I didnt borrow anyones car , I wouldnt do that for fear of a traffic mishap. I didnt hear of the broken loaner , I was speaking of Bernie , nice man he sat at our table during the boat cruise . I was pretty pissed at the Blue Meanie but it was my fault for breakin it , just cant understand how you can break a valve spring , drive at least 50 miles [running fine] then while backing into your parking space the thing flys apart? just like someone flipped a switch? Guess I'll have to buy a tach & put a 2x2 under the gas pedal. Great meeting you & everyone else , will definatly do the 07 in Ohio . after 2 weeks in that little car with the weather we had I think I need a/c....
denny 1

I'm glad everyone had a good time. I did too, even if I didn't get to participate as much as I would have liked. Here is a listing of those that attended (registered - I don't have the names of their guests):

Amaya, Evan Shelby, North Carolina
Bierman, Ken St. Louis, Missouri
Blackwood, Jim Kentucky
Burstyn, David Essex, Ontario, Canada
Carrick, Steve Wyoming, Michigan
Cole, Eddie Walton, Kentucky
Cole, Jim Medford, Oregon
Cooper, George Breezy Pines, CT
Costello, Ken England
Creswick, Graham Chatham, Ontario, Canada
DeGroat, Stephen Lugoff, South Carolina
Dempsey, Pat Orlando, Florida
Doyle, Denny Pleasant Hall, Pennsylvania
Egerton, Barrie Sydney, Australia
Ficalora, Robert Cypress, Texas
Fisher, James Grove City, Ohio
Floyd, Carl Kingsport, Tennessee
Foster, Paul Essex, Ontario, Canada
Fowlkes, Craig Marietta, Georgia
Fulton, Max Durham, North Carolina
Guzman, Bill Camarillo, California
Harvey, Martyn Canada
Hefner, Rick Ashville, North Carolina
Heller, Mark Edgewater, Florida
Hirst, John N. Jackson, Ohio
Howell, Jeff Hoover, Alabama
Ingram, Rick St Louis, Missouri
Jacobson, Curtis Longmont, Colorado
Kirkman, Dave Terre Haute, Indiana
Knaut, Andy Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lathrop, Ted Waylon, Michigan
Leichti, Harvey Painesville, Ohio
Madson, James Minniapolis, Minnisota
Maloney, Mike Tipp City, Ohio
Mangles, John St. Charles, Missouri
Mantell, Pete Sidney, Illinois
Maples, David Martinez, Georgia
Marshall, Leonard San Antonio, Texas
Masters, Dan Alcoa, Tennessee
Matthews, Les Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
McMclain, Robert Longwood, Florida
Meyer, Greg Willards, Maryland
Milks, Robert Hendersonville, North Carolina
Miller, Scott Bexley, Ohio
Milner, Robert Manteca, California
Moor, Mike Angola, Indiana
Moor, Richard Angola, Indiana
Newton, Tom Dearborn, Michigan
Nicholas, Larry Mechanicsville, Maryland
O'Brien, Tim Antlanta, Georgia
Oliver, Bill Elyria, Ohio
Peery, Don Edmond, Oklahoma
Pender, Ian Punta Gorda, Florida
Posey, Bernie Elyria, Ohio
Price, Gil Constable, New York
Renaud, Jack Dearborn, Michigan
Robinson, Barrie Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Schils, Paul Fredonia, Wisconsin
Schley, Kurt Madison, Ohio
Senneker, Terry Wayland, Michigan
Shimp, Larry Morganville, New Jersey
Shockey, Les Merrifield, virginia
Smith, Peter Ontario, Canada
Spooner, Dale Blairs, Virginia
Stevenson, Kelly Fayetteville, Tennessee
Stuart, Jim Montgomery Village, Maryland
Stutz, David Ft Wayne, Indiana
Wiebe, James Madison, Conneticutt
Williams, Denny Hamilton, Ohio
Williams, Roger St Sulpice Les Feulles, France
Wulf, Al Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Wyckoff, Bruce Zeeland, Michigan
Dan Masters

Sorry I missed the V8 Meet, unemployed for 9 months.
If anyone has video and would send copy I would appreciate it. E-mail me and I will send my address.

Uh, Dan....I live in St.Joseph, IL.

St.Louis doesn't brew enough GOOD beer to sustain my nutritional needs. (Neither does Golden, Colorado, Mr.Carrick!)


rick ingram

Dennis, there was one little video going around but it was pretty incriminating...

The next newsletter issue will have quite a bit of coverage of the event, but in the meantime I took two minutes and uploaded a "teaser" to the bottom of this page:


p.s. Also, at the meet Dave Burstyn kindly gave me a CD-ROM of his photos from LAST year. Have a look here:

I no longer reside in Wyoming MI, I have moved to Byron Center MI. Mr Ingram, I do my best to keep the people of Golden CO working :)))))

Steve Carrick

I see Carrick and a few others went for a "roll in the hay"!


rick ingram

Denny, glad I didn't create the wrong impression there, and it wasn't directed at Bernie either. In fact I don't personally even know the name of the culprit, but then again, I don't need to, and there's no more that needs to be said about it.

It was an exceptional meet in every other way. The atmosphere of comraderie and friendship, even family, was something that is a scarce commodity and highly appreciated in this quarter. Steven DeGroat loaned me his car so that I could take Edith for a ride in an air conditioned, auto transmission V6 MGB-GT and she really enjoyed the ride. We may build a car similar to that for her in another year or two and that was a critical step in the process. She declined to drive it however. I reciprocated by taking Steven for a ride in mine after he declined the offer to drive. I also wanted to ask Evan, I think it was, for a ride in his car to see how the Jag IRS felt but got distracted. There was a lot going on with everything there was to see and talk about. Ted came walking through the parking lot with an absolutely gorgeous header which I promptly grabbed and looked at, only then noticing that I'd gotten fingerprints all over it. But Ted didn't seem to mind much. The whole meet was like that. There was a car with AC where the owner had enclosed the engine side components in a cover constructed of brake assembly covers cut up and welded together with such skill and precision that no seam was visible. Truely a thing of beauty. As for the Dragon, well what can I say? I fell in with a group of the fastest cars (But couldn't that be said of any of the cars?) driven by Graham, Les, and Carl, and down the mountain we came just a blazing. For only the second time since I fitted the car with the Mach-I Mustang brakes over 25 years ago did I get them hot enough to fade, discovering the fact on the last stop when I pulled in the gravel lot at the bottom and smoke rolled off the front of the car. Graham was complaining of the smoke, I said I gathered it was time for better pads. That was a rather spirited drive, yet Peter somehow managed to get some of it on video! All that evening they were in and out of Jim Stuart's room watching it on the big TV until he ran them off so he could get some sleep. I would guess there are plans afoot to have it on the web somewhere, it's just too good not to.

So there you have my little encapsulation of the meet. Every single time I walked through the parking lot there was something to attract my attention, and I missed a lot of what was going on. But if it were possible to have this every weekend, believe me I'd be there.

Jim Blackwood

Before someone gets the wrong idea I should step up and say I GENTLY parked those cars in the field with the hay (one at a time, of course).

Steve was kind enough (crazy enough?) to put his keys in my hand and tell me "Have fun." Barney (his purple mgb roadster) is REALLY FUN to drive once you figure out how to work the throttle. Talk about a car with a spirit of it's own! I imagine it's like a racehorse that wants to run: muscular, athletic and confident. (It has a Ford engine, FastCars front end, and Steve's own rear suspension.)

There were many other cars I'd have liked to photograph with similar backgrounds. The only thing wrong with the meet was that it ended too soon!

"There was a car with AC where the owner had enclosed the engine side components in a cover constructed of brake assembly covers cut up and welded together with such skill and precision that no seam was visible. Truely a thing of beauty."

I second that. That was Robert and Susan Milner's GT... superb craftsmanship! (I got some pretty good photos of it, and will post them with a write-up soon at .)

"there was one little video going around but it was pretty incriminating... "

Honestly guys, I really *could* see what was ahead of me and had enough time to complete the pass. Yes, even if I saw myself coming the other direction. It looks a lot worse than it really was. I did move back in rather quickly, but the move was actually a part of the turn, and the other car was moving *really* slow. Made it look like I was going faster than I was.

Jim Blackwood

I had a Blast at both events! Here is exactly how I remembered it...

<b>Looking Out My Back Door</b>
<i>by Creedence Clearwater Revival</i>

Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy!
Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch.
Imagination sets in, pretty soon I'm singing,

Doo, doo, doo, Looking out my back door.
There's a giant doing cartwheels,
A statue wearing high heels.
Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn.
A dinosaur Victrola listening to Buck Owens.


Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band.
Won't you take a ride on the flying spoon?
Doo, doo doo.
Wond'rous apparition provided by magician.


Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band.
Won't you take a ride on the flying spoon?
Doo, doo doo.
Bother me tomorrow, today, I'll buy no sorrows.


Forward troubles Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy!
Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn.
Bother me tomorrow, today, I'll buy no sorrows.


Mike Masters


CCR, now your talkin'! Much easier to sing than the MGB GT song (She's a runner, now).

I have driven a bunch of these cars over the years. I would never drive them like I drive my own. Just ain't right. Plus, we all have to drive 'em back home (well, most of us).

On the other hand, I had a freakin' blast dancing the "Double Yellow Shuffle" up to Newfound Gap in Kelly Stevenson's 302FI MGB. YEEEEHAAAWW! Kelly was amazingly quiet. ;)

Carl Floyd

Sue and I extend our sincere thanks to Dan, Mike and thier wives for all the work (and to Nico for keeping Sue occupied). The people, information and venue was so outstanding that the pain of not having my car there (second year in a row) was modeately bearable. What a great bunch to share a few days with!!!! We had racked up 1550 miles when we got home Friday evening. We follwed the Ohio River for a few hours and found some exceptional wineries buried in the hills. (To Frank McLean, we did manage to find Blue Creek, Ohio per your suggestion. Nicest 25 yard long town I ever saw!)Thank you all for the many suggestions for next year's meet. The date will be decided on Oct. 1st, which is the day the Nelson's Ledges roadrace track sets thier schedule. I will immediately send out notices of the firm Meet date, but we are shooting for early August (Mike, that means Terri has to come) and will be held approx. 30 miles east of Cleveland, OH.
Once again, Thanks to Dan!!!!
Kurt Schley

Dear Kurt & Sue,

Thanks to Sue, we were able to load tons of ice by the pool in the coolers--- I couldn't have done it without Sue!

Sue was a REAL TROOPER! It's is nice when Folks are available to help out when we are Pooped!

My other hand goes out to Carl for his willingness help whenever called on to do whatever.

My Third hand goes out to Dreama & Mike for their help during the Cades Cove Munchie Tour to allow me to watch Nico play Blacksmith at the Mill area when I should have been at my Post.

My Big Toe goes out to Steve for Slinging Hamburgers & Hot Dogs while I arrived Late & Exhausted Sunday evening.

My Pinky goes out to Dave.B for suffering so much from the Jiggers Bites he received from God knows where!

My Heart goes out for all of the Fun & Memories made by All!

PS: Jim Blackwood still owes me a Bunch of Hot Wings!
MM Masters

by John Fogerty

Way back in the hills (Townsend)
There's a place I know
People comes from miles around
Just to watch 'ol Dooley (Dan) do the show

Ooh let the blueboy play
Ooh let the blueboy play
Gonna ride the mule (Dragon's Tail)
Gonna chase him too
Pullin' on-a pullin' on-a
Pullin' on-a pony (ur car)
He goes...

Soon's the sun go down
That's when the fun begins
Hitch your wagon down the track
Up to the roadhouse
And come on in

Ooh let the blueboy play
Ooh let the blueboy play
Gonna ride the mule (Dragon's Tail)
Gonna chase him too
Pullin' on-a pullin' on-a
Pullin' on-a pony (ur car)
He goes...


Sheriff says it late
Closin' time we got to go
But Dooley (Dan) he don't want to quit
Ain't nobody feels like goin' home

Ooh let the blueboy play
Ooh let the blueboy play
Gonna ride the mule (Dragon's Tail)
Gonna chase him too
Pullin' on-a pullin' on-a
Pullin' on-a pony (ur car)
He goes...
MM Masters

We mustn't forget the sponsors who played a big role in making the meet a success:

Advance Auto-Wire for the Sunday dogs and burgers cookout,

Mantell MotorSports for the river side picnic on Monday,

Fast Cars, Inc, for the coffee and doughnuts Wednesday morning, and

D&D Fabrications for the beer, colas, and snacks all during the meet (I carried up 360 cans of beer on Sunday; by Thursday morning, there were only about a dozen left - at least some of you were having a good time!)

I'd be curious as to the total weight gain for the participants, given all the food and beverages that were consumed. I gained back 5 of the 20 pounds I lost following surgery!
Dan Masters

Dan, I gained only 1 lb :))) I attribute it to the Coors Lite, Had a great time, thanks again

Steve Carrick

I think it was another sponser somehere in the pot Dan.
Bill Guzman

Jim Stuart, Did you notice better gas mileage on your return home? I do not remember if you were using Premium gas 93 if you were you may have to retard your ignition a litle, only if it pings. We had to advance your distributor allot. I notice the gas here in Texas is 91 It could make a difference in your car if the gas in your area is 91
Call me or e-mail me if you need assistance.
Bill Guzman

Just Hot off the Press @ Ephotoline,

MG 2006

Photos by Group

AAA Sample Photos Page

Aerial Photos

Dragon 1 - 51000

Dragon 2 - 52000

Dragon 3 - 53000

Misc Wednesday

Roll 12 - 11200

Roll 13 - 11300

Roll 27 - 31000

Roll 28 - 31200

Roll 29 - 31400

Roll 30 - 31600

Roll 31 - 31800

Roll 32 - 32000

Roll 33 - 32200

Roll 34 - 32400

Roll 35 - 32600

Roll 9 - 11900

Saturday Special - 45000

Thursday Special

V8's at Newfound Gap

V8's Misc

V8's on Loop Rd

Valve Cover Roll 36 - 32800
MM Masters

Just for you Guys & Gals that have a Sense of Humor :p)

<<< >>>

Please let me know what other links I should add to our site.

MM Masters

Bill, car ran fine on the way back & I have not touched the timing. Can't answer for gas milage as
I did not check it either way.

93 octane was $2.86 in someparts of N.C., jumped to $3.12 when I hit Virginia, then up to $3.46 around home in Gaithersburg, MD.
Jim Stuart

Dan --Many thanks to you and your family and team for a wonderful time in the Smokies. I had a great time --so nice to see old friends and meet new ones . What a great crew .Nice to meet Ken and Roger and the generous sharing of their knowledge.
Had a good trip back and logged 2600 miles total for the trip --probably 60 or so lost coming back from dinner cruise.
Looking eagerly forward to next year!
Thanks to all
Gil Price

My wife and I also had a very fine time at the event. We had a chance to meet and talk with many interesting people in a beautiful location. We had a fuel pump problem at the river boat cruise and was looking at several hours of "get out and get under". Three guys came by offering suggestions and let us stay with them through the maze of Knoxville and back to Townsend. I'm sorry I didn't get there names, but our thanks to the green GT from Wisconsin, The red GT with the bubble hood, and the PT Cruiser.Thanks guys, and to you Dan for a very enjoyable program. On the unfortunate side, I made the mistake of leaving our car unattended while we cooled our feet off in a stream. My luggage and camera where stolen so the photos you guys are posting are much appreciated. Thanks again.
James Wiebe

James, really sorry about your misfortune at the stream..the six good samaritans after the dinner cruise were Paul and Mary Shils in the maroon gt from Wisconsin, my wife Kay and I in the red gt, and following the three mgs in their PT Cruiser to insure we all got home safely, was Ken and Ila Bierman from St. Louis...always a pleasure to help a fellow mg'er in distress!
Mike Maloney

James, send me your address (again) and I will send you pictures of the smokies and some of the people who attended.
Bill Guzman

Hi All,

There's really nothing I could possibly add that hasn't been said, but I too wanted to thank Dan Masters for putting on an awesome get together. Having not been to one of these meets in the past i wasn't sure what to expect & i certainly couldn't do justice to how great of an experience it was.

The program Dan put together was great.
Meeting some awesome people was great.
Putting faces to names was great.
Seeing & experiencing the comeradre was great.
Seeing the cars & getting a few ideas was great.

I could go on.

For any of you who didn't make it, i'd highly recommend you start arranging your plans so you can next year.

I'd also like to give a special thanks to the folks who let me ride along with them (& even drive a few). The opportunty to compare the feel of various motor & rear end combinations was priceless. Thanks again guys... now i need to get with it & finish mine so I can return the favor next year (not to mention have a blast between now & then)!!


Many thanks to Dan and Mike for putting together a great meet. I left from Gatlinberg on Saturday morning to visit my daughter in Columbus, Ohio for a few days before returning to Colorado. Steve passed me on I 75 and I can believe that "Barney" averaged 70 MPH. It was great to caravan out with Curtis Jacobson. His car is easy to spot from a distance with the white racing stripe. It was great to see so many of you that I know from past events and to meet so many new people. I really enjoyed seeing all of the new things people have done to their cars since I last saw most of you in 2003 and it makes me realize that I still have more to do on mine.

Jim Wiebe, I'm sorry to hear about your luggage and camera being stolen. The day that I was going to do the dragon I had a battery problem on the way back from Cades Cove. Jim and his wife volunteered to stay with my car while Leonard and Kay Marshall from San Antonio drove me to Marysville in their rental car to pick up a new battery. I'm forever grateful to the Wiebes and Marshalls for helping me.

On Thurday I was going to do the dragon again with some of the guys from our local club and a friend of a friend from Mt. Sterling, KY. After we had turned onto Foothills parkway, the car from Kentucky stalled. It was a battery problem. We were able to jump start it from Bob Gloyds car but it wouldn't run when we disconnected the jumper battery. Since I had been on the Dragon three years ago and Bob and John had not, I took Bill (from Ky) to Marysville to buy a new battery.

I left Columbus, OH on Monday morning, spent the night in Kingdom City, 20 miles east of Columbia, MO and got home Tuesday night. It was a good time and I'm looking forward to British V8 2007.

Dan, thanks again for having tee shirts with pockets. Guys my age need a pocket for pens, reading glasses, sun glasses, to do lists, etc.

til next year.

Al Wulf

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