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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 2006 - when are you arriving?

How many of you plan to be here in time for the hambuger/hot dog cookout on Sunday evening, at 7:00pm?

IE, how many burgers/dogs/beers/sodas do I need to have on hand?
Dan Masters

The Three Stooges should be arriving early afternoon on Sunday.

Larry (Pete)
Moe (Rick)
Curley Joe (Dave)
rick ingram

Dan, Harvey Liechti and myself (and both of our wives) are coming down early and will be there Saturday evening. We will all be there for the Sunday evening cookout...
Mike Maloney

My friend Paul and myself should be there late Sunday afternoon. See you then!
Dave B.
BR Dave


I plan to arrive early afternoon on Sunday.

Al Wulf

Dan, we are planning to be there Sat. early afternoon.
We are staying in Nashville on Friday and start early on Sat for our drive to Townsend.
Any advice as far as traffic would be greatly appreciated Dan.
Bill Guzman

Yours truly, Barrie Robinson and Pete Smith should be arriving early Sunday afternoon. Martyn Harvey may be with us or arriving shortly thereafter.
I can only speak for myself, but 2 burgers and a mess of MGD should put a big dent in the appetite.
Graham Creswick

Hi Dan,

planning to arrive mid afternoon on Sunday

Dan, Mary and I are planning on arriving Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to see everyone again.

Paul Schils

I figure we'll be there in time. Late afternoon probably.
Jim Blackwood

we'll be there sat.afternoon ,[hopefully]
denny 1

mid Sunday PM arrival. hope to have a cold one with the rest of the gang!
kelly stevenson

My wife and I hope to be there mid Sunday afternoon, should the Gods be smiling.
James Wiebe

I should be there Sunday by 6:00 P.M.
Jim Stuart

I will be there, let the party begin !!!!!
Steve Carrick

Hi, Dan, Tom Newton and I will be there,too. See you then.
John Renaud

Sue and I will be arriving early afternoon Sunday with PITA (Pain in the Ass), my new name for the MG. I had a talk with my kidneys and liver last night and put them on notice to expect an heavy influx of malt-based beverage.
Kurt Schley

Add 2 from SW Virginia, and probably 2 more.The plan is to hook up with a couple of them dang Yankees coming down from NY...

Is there anyone heading down I-75 from MI, OH, or KY on Sunday morning? I will be leaving Columbus around 7AM and will be traveling solo.

As there is safety in numbers, I would like to be in communication with others along the same route, just in case any issues arise.


Scott Miller

Gonna take my Dad out for ribs, so Robin & I will be there around 5 or 6pm.
Carl Floyd

Scott, as of now I plan on leaving on Saturday, but if I do not get some of these nagging issues fixed on my car it may be Sunday. If it changes I'll post here and give you a call as I have your #...I live just a few miles north of the I70--I75 intersection just north of Dayton
Mike Maloney

Dan, Robert and his wife will arrive on Sunday, they took a detour to IL to visit some friends.
Bill Guzman

Dan, Gil Price and I should arrive Sunday, early PM. We are leaving Friday afternoon, looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Richard Woodley

We should arrive late morning Sunday. I hope.

Dan, there will be four in our caravan arriving around 6:00 Sunday.Count us in,Mike
Mike Moor

Caravan arriving mid afternoon Sunday. There should be six for the party...cold beer and food sounds good.
Bernie Posey

"Any advice as far as traffic would be greatly appreciated"


If you're coming in on I-40, take exit 376 onto I-140 to US 129. Take exit 11 from I-140 (not exit 8 as I posted on my map - I screwed up) south to Alcoa/Maryville. Barring an accident, you shouldn't run into very heavy traffic on I-40. I-140 has very little traffic.

Once you get onto US 129, get into the left lane as you pass the airport using airport transfers tonbridge. Stay on that road until you get to the Talley Ho Inn, about 25 miles or so, following the signs to the Smokies.

There'll be a modest amount of traffic through Alcoa/Maryville, but after that, it'll be clear sailing all the way to Townsend.

I'll be out at the motel early Saturday afternoon, unloading cases of beer and boxes of food, T-shirts, jackets and hats, setting up for registration and the cookout on Sunday.
Dan Masters


Connie and I will getting into town on late Sunday afternoon.
Plan on another two for dinner

Bruce Wyckoff

For those of you headed down I-75 through Cinci to arrive sunday afternoon, I'd like to hook up with the trip.
(859) 816-2187
Jim Blackwood

Barrie Robinson, Pete Smith and I have reservations at the Florence, Ky. Motel 6 for Saturday night and leaving sometime Sunday morning. Martyn Harvey may have caught up to us by then and may be part of the convoy.
Love to have you along - preferrably without the trailer queen,....but we can make exceptions!
Graham Creswick

Thank you Mr. Masters for the directions.
I gladly give you a hand on Sat.
Bill Guzman

Bill, I will be arriving on Saturday, also, with extra water pump gaskets :)). Are you staying at the Tally Ho on Sat. evening ? Maybe we can hook up for dinner.

Steve Carrick

Pat & I will overnight in Knoxville & will bein Townsend Sunday AM. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton


I am within minutes of firing up the beast. Tomorrow will be a short drive and some initial tuning at which time I should be able to determine the advisability of driving it to Townsend. I think it's a go, we'll see tomorrow. Nothing I'd like more than to leave the trailer home.

Jim Blackwood

We have two cars heading out of Detroit around 8:30 Saturday morning south on I-75 and will continue well into Kentucky first day. Black B V8 and red Morgan Plus 8. Will keep an eye open.
Dave B.
BR Dave

With or without trailer, if you decide to convoy with us, leave a message at the motel and we'll go from there.
Dang, I'm gittin' all fired up to get to the Volunteer State so's I can talk like Carl!
Graham Creswick

Steve, great idea. We are staying at the Tally Ho inn

Carl, are bringing ribs for all of us????
Bill Guzman

Well, shucks, I was gonna save the bones for my dog, Koa. If you really want 'em, Bill, I'll bring 'em on down. ;)

Graham, go see the new cartoon movie Cars. It's a hoot & you'll be talkin' like Mater in no time!
Carl Floyd

Dave B. Sounds like you guys will be passing by my area about the time I'm going to leave. My wife and I are planning on leaving around 10:30 Saturday morning...I live just off I75 exit #68 (north of Dayton) and could meet you guys say at Mickey D's at that exit. We are going to go all the way to Townsend but we could hook up with you guys say for a 100/150 miles or so...
Mike Maloney

Carol and I are traveling with three other cars and leaving St.Louis at 7:00 a.m. Sunday. Wer should be there at least by Thursday or some time Sunday.

John...May your U-Joints be with you....rick
rick ingram

Headed South @ high noon

Purple Flash

That means Barney could be in my driveway by 11pm. Call me.
Carl Floyd

Great news, I started the car today and got a significant part of the initial tuning done. It sounds smooth and strong but I did get it a bit warm sitting and running a fast idle while tuning, lugging the engine down against the parking brake, etc. Tomorrow will be some road tuning. Right now though everything looks real good for the drive.

Graham, is that at the rt.42 exit? If so you will be staying 2 miles from my house. You are all invited out of course, have to overlook the clutter in the workshop is all.

Jim Blackwood

Dreama and I will be there Sunday afternoon.
Robert Milks

Robert! It will begreat to see you two again!
rick ingram

I will hopfully meat up with you all on the road before lunch on Monday, My wife has to work all week so I am going to spend tonight with her.
Evan Amaya

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