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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - v8 4.6

does any one know much about the 4.6 rover v8 that mgoc sells,im going to look at a roadster with this engine fitted.allso the origanal running gear is on the car including the back axsle.does it rearly need a v8 gt as a doner car or will the breaks and every thing else stand up to the power increases .im aware that the ratios will be wrong at the back what is the cure for that thanks daren

My car started with a 3.5 then 4.0 and now 4.6
You really need the 3.07:1 diff gears with the 4.6 especially otherwise you will need a petrol tanker following behind!.
I would seriously upgrade the brakes as well as you might find they get too hot and fade.
Im using Wilwood Superlite 4 pots with lightweight 298mm rotors on ally mounting bells.
At the back I have rover 800 discs with cosworth calipers.
To control the Bias I have rigged up a twin master cylinder setup 0.65 front and 0.75 rear. I actually made the pedal box from a midget inner sill that I had left over from a previous project.

The 4.6 is a lovely engine with huge grunt from 1500 to 6000rpm. Huge grin factor.


Not an MGB but seeing as there is not an area for this enquiry relating to an MGA I thought I would try here.

I am in the process of fitting a 1957 MGA coupe with a Honda S2000 (240 HP) engine. The front end is a double wishbone assembly but basically all MGB brakes, kingpins etc. with 15" KN Minilite copies. It also has a fully independent rear suspension with LSD and Sierra discs.

I really would appreciate some information on where to buy upgraded front brakes i.e. where would I get larger discs and better calipers? I have seen the Rally Design ones on their website but there are obviously other options that I should consider. Can anyone point me in the direction of the options and where to purchase them in the UK.


R J Myers


Can't help, but very interested in your build. Where did you find an S2000 as a donar ?!! Your final build should end up being quite an amasing car.

j w mcglynn

Hi Spec make very good brakes that are reasonably priced, plus you can get custom set ups made.

check their website
OT Hayter

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