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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 Conversion cost

I have found a 215 V8 for sale. It is rebuilt and is about $1500. This includes no specialized parts. What would all the conversion parts, transmission and such cost? Could I do this for $1000, $2000. ????
Frank Baker

quick costs of absolutely needed items. Assumption is the engine is all there and has a flywheel/clutch/pressureplate

headers - 300.00

exhaust - 200.00

transmission - rover 5 speed and bellhousing with fork
and throwout bearing 800.00

driveshaft - 300.00

radiator - (or use a late model one and turn it around) 200.00

you didn't say what year the B is. if it's 77-80, you will use existing mounts on the frame. Get Towery's AC mounts for the engine 60.00

That is a real bare bones list. and I might have forgotten some things.

Richard Morris

Pulley set, alternator, starter, misc wires, tachometer conversion, speedo cable, motor and gearbox mounts, electric and mech fans, hoses, oil, antifreeze, so on and so forth.

What about the 4 barrel manifold and special carb?

Double that last figure and then double it again to be safe.

BMC Brian McCullough


today it is more easy to by a finished B V8 or GT V8 than it was some years ago.

If you can not do the work yourself a good skilled car mechanic with all necessary tools is able to do, a ready built V8 conversion is the cheapest way, even a works V8 in need of restoration is a budget car, compared to a MG B V8 projekt!

Where will your money go (?):

Exhaust and Headers
Inlet and Carb and fuel pump
Oil Pump and Filter Kit
Alternator, Ignition/Dizzy
Engine mounts
Prop Shaft
Rear Axle
Brakes (Rotors & Calipers, Pedal Box and Servo etc.)
Cooler/s and Vents
Suspension Bushings, Springs
Tramp Bars
Different additional gaskets, fasteners, paintjob and recalibrated gauges and senders, electrical installation etc. are further points of notice (price).
... and there are further costs for items that have to be boght additionally as quoted allredy by richard and Bryan.

When I did my conversion, it costs more than a very good (mint) B 1800 was aked for in the early 1980's and thats still the point, i think and the value of your existing car is not included in this calculation.

Doing a rough calculation for a well made conversion that can be used every day without thinking to become 100 years of age to get it finsihed, you can easyly estimate that the second hand B V8's are offered at very interesting prices and a look at the V8 Register or at Brian's V8 page is allways worth the time!



I've been having trouble logging onto this message board so I'm late to the party on this topic...

In case Frank is still reading, I have a different perspective. For me, the PROCESS of building and updating the car is at least as entertaining as actually driving it... so I'd never buy someone else's conversion.

For someone with patience, discipline, and skill (or friends with skill) MGB engine swaps can still be done remarkably cheaply. Patience is a key factor because bargains have a way of coming along if you wait for them.

Richard suggested $800 for a Rover 5-speed. With all due respect, that's probably not the most economical tranny to pick. You could probably save a couple hundred with a T5. If your 215 is mildly built, and if your existing MGB radiator is in good condition, you should be able to get along fine by just soldering bigger ports onto it. You'll have to make other changes to increase airflow through it, such as venting the inner wings RV8-style, but IMHO the MGB radiator core is big enough.

Pulley and alternator should come on the engine. Alternator and electric fans can come cheaply from a junkyard. Tach conversion is a do-it-yourself job with a few parts from Radio Shack and a soldering iron. You can spend whatever you want on wiring... but many people spend too much and get less than they pay for.

Tires, wheels, professional bodywork and paint are all expensive. Do you need them? (Everyone needs stickier tires!)

The ball is really thrown back into your court for some self-assessment. Do you have the skills, tools, time and patience to do a low buck (say perhaps $3000) engine swap? Everything is faster and easier if you're able to spend three or four times that amount!
Curtis Jacobson

Iam about3/4 the way from converting my mgb to v8 with a 5 speed gearbox.
If you take your time and advertise for parts and do all the work yourself you will save some money, but doing this is not cheap. You dont say your car needs restoring which will cost a minimum of 1000 ($2000).
Is the car a rubber bumper model this saves money here is a brake own of my car with me doing all the work.
Engine & rebuild 300 used
Gearbox (recon) 350 used
manifolds/headers/exhaust carbs 400 used
Brakes/Suspension rebuilt 400
V8 Axle rebuild prop rear suspension 400
Cooling 300
Wiring 300
Body restoration/bonnet 1000
The list goes on , this is without all the nice bits ie chrome /seats/carpets/hood etc.
If you have not done this before I suggest buying one complete... it is cheaper in the long run.
Best of luck Paul
p stanford

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