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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 fuel pump recommendation?

Guys, can someone advise me on the most reliable fuel pump that puts out enough volume to feed a V8. I've had two crap out on me over the last year and I must be using the wrong brand. I don't really care about noise; the car's pretty danged loud as is. I just want to put it on and never think about it again. It's just SUCH a drag when that ol' fuel pump calls it a day ...
David D.

Your local AutoZone, Kragen, Pep Boys, Napa store etc. sell generic, 12v. inline pumps that will move 30+ gph, (that's about 3 tanksfull per hour) at 4-6psi for about $25-30. You can get entry level racing pumps from Summit or PAW for around $50. Some have filters built-in so save a bit there. Fawcet is popular but noisey and in my experience has a habit of leaking after a few years, especially if it sits unsued for a while.
Bosch pumps removed from fairly new, wrecked cars (Volvo, BMW, Audi etc.) can be had very cheaply and are strong dependable performers. Expect to pay $10-30 for non-submergable pumps. You don't really need a high performance pump unless extreme, full-on, drag racing is your bag. Happy hunting!
Marc Judson

What V8 you talking about?? I used and will recommend a Holely Blue pump. New From Summit is like $80-90 and comes with a regulator. It will fit in the stock fuel pump rubber holder in the trunk also. It will outflow all but higly modified 5.0's
Larry Embrey

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