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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - v8 help in Australia

Fellow v8ers the time has come
to splash out the $$$ and finish my GT v8 conversion once and for all !!!
So I would like some advice on where to get parts etc

Would like to know where i can get a complete 3.9v8 be it efi or carby doesnt matter
I know i can get a 5 speed box/belhousing from dellow
Also would like to know what kind of diff i should be looking for
vn commodore v8 ?
Ford 8" ?
Salisbury 10 bolt ?
Motor mounts, and oil filter ( remote or use sump )

Any information would be very much welcomed
then i can finally post pics on my new wesbite too




Good luck with the conversion and I am looking forward to the website pics too.

On the VN diffs...

The VN diff came in two types and all were made by Borg Warner:
4 pinion for the V8 and 2 pinion for the V6.
There was an LSD option (all 4 pinion) available on all models and standard on some.
Check the id tag on the diff to tell you which is which and there were two different housing as well.
Earlier and later and the earlier are usually reckoned to be heavier but more robust.
All had disc brake and park brake drums within and all were about 4 inches wider than the standard MGB track.

The earlier model VL diff may be an option too since this had a narrower track than the later VN but I am not sure by how much exactly.

All VN's had 5 link rear end but the flat trays had leaf springs (still do)so the axles should be ok for that.

HTH Cheers, Pete.
P Thomas

Triumph and Rover spares in Adelaide did have some new high comp' 3.9 short motors for sale a while ago for just under $3000, which strikes me as good value. Then get the other parts from them. You might be able to do better elsewhere.
Unless you make them your-self I would suggest you get your engine brackets off Glen towery in america, by all reports his mount the engine lower and further back than usual, which suites the supra box. For the supra box you need to get the W58, which has a 0.78 fifth gear, and the D or longest gear lever extention.
When you order the bell housing ask for the larger clutch slave, not the 0.75 inch supra one which is usless. If Jeff no longer does this you can set up your own one inch slave using the one from an older range rover, which has the same hose thread as the MGB.
I find the std '75 MGB diff'perfectly OK, however if I were to chage I would use a Nisan diff'(Skyline or siluete?) which is offset to one side ie the short side is the same length as the MGB so all you need do is shorten the tube on the long side.

Steve, some more diff info for the VN series which might be helpful:

Soaring Phoenix Mech in SA...

options for VN's :

NOW whats more interesting is this :

GU4 AXLE RATIO 3.08:1 - 3.8LTR AND 5.0LTR

GM3 was the group a with 6 speed manual
GN9 we never saw as it had the 2 litre 4 cylinder (imagine 4.11's in a VN?)
GU4 stock aussie
GU5 I NEVER KNEW EXISTED...anyone with an sv3800 vn on here - get under your car and have a look at the tag on the diff and tell me its got 3.23 on it? then tell me you've got an auto...
G80 well we all want/need one of those...

interesting the s**t you find when you can't sleep.

The Borg Warner is good for about 300 hp or so I have been told. My VN was a stock V6 and had an easy life.

Cheers, Pete.
P Thomas

Isn't Adrian Akehurst down your way ?

Yes, agree with RMW, Adrian makes the nicest extractors you'll ever see, wish I'd got them now.
Not too sure what his business is called, but he is in the adelaide area somewhere and is worth tracking through the yellow pages. If yo9u can't find him try the archives under extractors/exhaust/headers.
There's a thread running in the MGB general section at the moment about a rubber bumper MG someones just bought and in it there is a link to a site with some pictures of adrians extractors. Or you could try through RPI.
Also you can buy a MGB V8 alloy radiator from Race Radiators in Dandenong, melbourne for about $600.

Thanks for the info guys
I have already contacted dellow about the box...
Shortly i will contact Glen Towery about the engine mounts ( does it matter that were in Oz and are RHD?)

Let you know how it goes

Sorry all but need more help
does anyone have a contact for glen towery ( preferably email ) in regards to engine mounts?

went to and Dan has advertised a special . Oil Filter Adapter - No need to run a remote filter. This component is adjustable (it swivels) allowing the oil filter to hang between steering rack and sway bar. Comes with filter

does anyone knows if this fits cars that are rhd ?

Glenns in the archives, or may read this shortly, or you could try a search, but I'll try to find his phone no. tonight and get back to you. You can make your own engine brackets, but an off the self set does give you a set reference point and a quick start I think. The V8 rubber mounts can be bought at any MG place. They look exactly like the rubber bumper angine mounts, but are made of a more heat resistant rubber.
The non remote oil filter may only work with American cars as on ours the steering rack box lines up EXACTLY where the oil filter should be. The bolt on the top of the rack even sticks up that little bit more and alligns perfectly with the bottom of the filter screw on, to make it even more difficult. Americans effectivly have another inche or so, with the steering on the other side. Even with the rotating oil filter (off an american buick V6 I believe)I doubt it will fit. The remote oil filter gear varies in price, so it's worth while phoning around. I suggest you mount your remote filter as low as you can when you get it. I've even seen it placed on the rail, in the guard, more or less under the headlight. This helps oil pressure on start up and makes changing filters much less messy. I wish now I'd done it this way.
Be aware that there is a %15 import tax on car parts and they'll load the %10 GST on price plus shipping. The stainless headers and oil filter etc.. I got off Clive Wheatly for about 400 pound ended up costing a bit more that I expected. Very good quality though. Take that into your calculations and ensure not to pay local tax if you are buying from overseas.
Strongly suggest you go and buy Roger Williams books on V8 conversion and in particular, "How to improve Your MGB, MGC or V8". Availiable at the "Technical book shop" here in Melbourne, I'm sure you have a similiar establishment in Adelaide. LOts of invaluable information and pictures. One thing though, don't offset your gearbox 14mm to the left, as he recommends. You will run into problems with clearance etc. Just push the back up as high as you can.

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