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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 Installation over the weekend


What is the name of the company that will do a V8 conversion over the weekend, turnkey? Are they still in business? I guess they use the BOP/Rover 215.


Bryan Prindle

That would be Glen Towery.

Contact him at:

rick ingram


Rick is right, that would be Glenn Towery. He's still in business, but he told me at the British V8 2003 in May that he no longer offers that service.

There's always the possibilty that he has reinitiated it, so it might be worth an e-mail to him.
Dan Masters

Thanks guys...


Bryan Prindle

That would be one hell of a weekend. He must charge like the dickens for it.
Immagine, engine, gearbox, clutch setup, radiater, exhaust, headers, drive shaft, engine crane, trolleys stands etc, tools,A truck to bring it all in then panel cutting and painting, trany bashing,plumbing in hydrolics, brakes and fuel lines (plus fuel pumps etc).
Then you'd have to pay a couple of guys double time or more to work themselves stupid in someones carport somewhere.

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