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Any prices for insurance for V8 roadster in UK?
I have been quoted 278 by Peter Best, which seems a lot compared to 120 for the std MGB. Any ideas?
T Green

Try Footman James. Age and location will affect costs. We pay 184-50 for '69 BV8 conversion AND '64 (warm)1275 midget on same policy. Deal is: Both myself and wife to drive, full comp, agreed values, unltd miles, travel to work etc, etc, MGOC and Peter Best(?)very silly, both of us are not spring chicks. My wife likes to drive a proper English sports car to take our youngest to school. Told by Peter Best "we have approx 2000 V8 conversions on our books and have had so many problems, with poor build quality, we now only insure original factory cars restored by MG garages" I wouldn't tell you who the dealers are but I did have a little chuckle at the names, having inspected cars at these dealers before.

Ive been quoted 150 for V8 roadster from Footman James. They insure my Fathers BGT for 90,(3000 miles pa)
Ian Sanders

Footman James have given me the lowest renewal quote so far,and offered unlimited mileage, I still have to get one from Lancaster

Mike Barnfather
Michael barnfather

I am also with Footman James. I searched around a fair bit to find them as the cheapest - 178 for a 26yr old on a Roadster V8 (1965) parked outside, no no-claims, and unlimited mileage.
Chris Holmes

I pay 115 for my factory BGTV8, fully comp, agreed value, but mileage limited to 1500 per year, from Footman James. I also insure my Triumph Stag 3.0 V8 with them - 110 per year - same terms and mileage etc.
Both cars garaged, and not main (everyday) vehicles.

I have settled on 210 from Peart.
All of them will do V8-BGT at usual prices (120) but will not do a roadster at that price because it must be a modified vehicle. They cannot justify the difference but say its the underwriters.
I suspect anyone who has cheaper insurance for a V8 roadster it is because someone has made a mistake when quoting or been misled (!!??!!)

I ended up paying Footman James 249.50, but my car is much modified, and I had a bump in 1999, so I suppose thes factors entered into the equasion. They were very good to deal with, prompt and efficient, and I think the premium is reasonable. I'm just sorry I couldn't get cover via MGOC

Michael barnfather

this thread has been discussed at length on MGOC forum where my views have been expressed. I am constantly amazed at the variatio in insurance quotes and while I agree that cheapest may not be best, in my case is seems accurate. Both I and lots of my club mates use RH insurace. my V8 roadster costs 98 for 5000 miles and my 1800 GT costs 90 for the same mileage. the V8 is agreed value (10000)both have all the usual classic car policy features including RAC recovery, me and my wife can drive and use the cars for travelling to and from work. and yes the service is very good when needed as one of our members who had to make a claim can verify.They advertise in all the classic car mags except the MGOC one!!

may I suggest that all interested folk ring around several companies and get as many quotes as you want but always ask for a copy of the policy document before committing yourself.


gary noden

This thread was discussed between 28/05/2002 and 10/06/2002

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