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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 Mini

Some people have said the V8 is a bit of a tight squeeze in the MGB. Check out and see what a tight squeeze is really like!!!

Tim (1106 Bracken)

I love that car. It's tight, but the way the guy did it is great. I have seen V8 midgets and they have moved the firewall back, etc. ... which takes all the fun out of it. Wonder how the Mini V8's weight distribution is.

Now *that* is total insanity! Though actually you know, it probably didn't change the weight on the front end much at all. Don't some mini's have the 1800?

It's one heckuva nice looking job. Sort of makes me wonder how it feels with the pedal mashed coming out of a turn. Simply amazing.
Jim Blackwood

No, the mini always left the factory with the A series engine, it was the 1800 (Landcrab) that had the B series.
Geoff King

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