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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 oil capacity question on Land Rover board

There is a question about oil capacity of a V8 on the Military forum on the new Land Rover board. I'm sure that someone here knows the answer

I have a LandRover sump sitting on a shelf in the garage - it looks bigger than the MG V8 sump - probably would hold an extra pint, but depends where the dipstick is marked, so may be the same - about 5 litres? Can't recall offhand.
Somebody will know............
Dave Wellings


I have an early Range Rover sump on my car which takes 6 litres per oil change including filter.

It is heavy being made of thicker metal. It gets closer to the rear of the cross member than the SD1 sump I had before by 2 or 3 inches, but there is plenty of clearance.

Ian G Buckley

Thanks for the responses guys. I was hoping that maybe you would put them up on the new Land Rover Board as it needs some activity there to help it get going. The Mini Board needs atention too.

My SD1-style 4.2 motor takes 5.5 quarts with the remote oil filter to get to H on the dipstick. If you put in a bit too much, I've found that it will just burn off down to the H mark on the dipstick, but I have been told that overfilling even slightly is terrible for the motor, and I must admit I can't recall just why that is.

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