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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V8 steering rack

I have being told I need to change the sreering rack on My Chrome bumper mgb roadster with Rover V8 conversion in a New shell to a rubber bumper rack dont know why this is can anyone tell Me thanks Paul
p Dorner

I don't think you need to but you may want to. The 2.9 steering rack in CB cars is AWFULLY quick once you get seriously moving -- as you can in a V8 -- and the 3.5 rubber bumper rack is a little mellower at, like, 100mph.

It's to do with the universal joint. It is bigger on a chrome bumper car and fouls the exhaust manifold.


You can get conversion racks at any V8 conversion place. Glen Towery etc

The pinion is longer on the RB rack and this places the UJ closer to the driver, lower and behind the right rear exhaust port. Of course you will need to have the bulkhead modified to accomodate this as is described in the book 'How to give your MGB V8 Power' by Roger Williams. Other alternatives are also described.

You should also check the archives on this BBS.

Ian Buckley

thanks for the replys the car has a new heritage V8 shell that will have RV8 headers fitted so the exhaust will go through the inner wing does this make a differance to the rack needed
p Dorner


Do you have the BMH4014 V8 spec shell with the holes already in the inner wings for the RV8 style exhausts? If you do the shell is prepared for the rubber bumper type crossmember, rack and column; these items will bolt on with no modifications.

Check the radiator mounting diaphragms and the remote oil filter bracket – they weren’t even close on my new shell.

Good luck.

Geoff King

So tell me ...
Can you leave the stock steering and stock crossmember in place on a chrome bumper V8 conversion if you use the RV8 style (through the inner wing) headers?


Paul, I feel you may be a bit confused after the replies you've had. As Geoff says, if you've bought the special V8 shell offered by Heritage, it is set up for the R/B crossmember, steering rack and both lower and upper halves of the steering column. If you have bought a chrome bumper shell, you are going to have to do something with the steering UJ which is too big and will foul the cylinder head on the RH side. Fitting the R/B rack gives you a longer lower shaft which pushes the UJ into the bulkhead more. Furthermore, the R/B car used a smaller UJ, which can be fitted to C/B cars. If you use the R/B lower column, you really need the R/B upper column too, or your steering wheel will protrude from the dashboard too far. If you use the upper R/B column, you really need to use the later type dashboard with the smaller speedo and rev counter gauges.

However, it is perfectly possible to use all chrome bumper components. Find Chris Betson's e-mail and ask him. He has done this and knows what to do. He runs his own business and is a frequent correspondent on this and the MGOC boards.

Mike Howlett

Is anyone able to answer Bo's question as I also would like to know the answer to this?

Re Bo's RV8 header question, I am doing a 74 chrome bumper roadster and have RV8 headers with the original "chrome" rack and crossmember. You still have the clearance problem with the UJ. The solution I am using is I "tilted" the rack steering shaft down about 1 1/2" by shaving the feet of the rack at an angle and I lowered the cone the same amount in the bulkhead. You also have to cut that area back to allow room for the back of the cylinder head. I am using the original column as well, with a Flaming River universal joint between the steering shaft and the column.
Tony Bates
Tony Bates

Response to Geoff I have a V8 shell that is already set up for the rubber bumper x member and colum but it did not have the holes cut for the manifolds this I have done with a kit and it fits neat I have tried the motor in on the mounts and had the headers on boy it must be tight with the normal exhaust havent got the rad yet to try it how about the gearbox ex member it doesnt seem to line up with the captive bolts in the chassis I think I under estimated the amount of work and money needed to do this but it should be worth it in the end
p Dorner


Assuming you have a LT77 gearbox (Rover SD1) you should be able to get the crossmember to align with the captive nuts by offsetting the gearbox mounts but it depends on how far forward/back you have the engine. Whose engine mounts are you using?

The amount of work and money required will probably be double or more than your estimate but it is definitely worth it in the end.

Geoff King

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