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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Value of V8 ?

I'm looking at a V8 (conversion) 1978 on eBay. It has the Rover Engine and 'looks' fairly decent. The owner tells me there are no signs of rust or damage but he is unsure when the conversion was done. Evidently, he bought the car in a 'lot' he purchased and this came as part of the lot....seems he had to buy this to get the other cars he wanted.

Fortunately, the car is located about 200 miles from where I live, so taking a peek, is not a major problem.

Currently, it's at $4150 with 'reserve NOT met'.

Any ideas what kind of 'Ball Park' value to put on this car?


73 midget.


My favorite comment I heard about the value of a car is that itís worth what someone will pay for it. Itís hard enough to say what a í78 MGB is worth, but you do have an MG Midget so you have an idea what to look for and what makes the value high or low. Defiantly go for a look and give the car a test-drive. Try to determine what a stock í78 MGB would be worth in that condition and then decide what the conversion would be worth to you. Keep in mind some people value any modified car as lower valued that stock. Also keep in mind the cost of conversion parts, which components were used and the quality of the work. Other than that I can only say that I have seen V8 conversions advertised for sale for 10 and 11 thousand dollars, but I donít know if they sold for that and certainly many cars would be worth much much less.
George Champion

FWIW: I recently bought an extremely nice CB GTV8 conversion for $17.5K. Done just right. Worth every penny and more.
Phil Tiempe

I've done some checking around on the web (little to no V8's out there) but just from a standard 'B' roadster around the same year model. As you can imagine, prices are all over the board, from resto projects, daily drivers to trailer queens. Anything from $1500 to $8500 with $3500 - $5500 being a mid-range price for either a restored or good original car.

I know what it cost me to put my 1973 Midget into show condition...just don't want to have to go that route again $$$$$$$$$.

Graham, I would try to get the owner to mention a figure and then work downwards from there.
If you want it to use rather than to have as a show piece, you may have a good low price entry ticket to fun driving!
I'm in the process of doing a conversion and can see that there are a lot of opportunities for people to do sub standard conversions so have a good look at what you're getting. Although I don't agree with a lot of what's in it, the Roger Williams book gives a good overview. I prefer to read the Roger Parker article on this site and the info from V8 Conversions. In addition you could dig into these buletin board threads and learn a lot before you see the car. Basically if you can get something that is within your capability to put right, there's plenty of info to help and parts are readily available. Have fun!!
Pete Hawkins

I tried to get his eBay 'Minimum Bid' figure but he has been reluctant to give it out...not sure why?

Yes, I think I would prefer this project to be more of the 'fun' driver as to a trailer queen or show classic. I spent almost 2 years getting the Midget into shape and as mentioned, don't really want to do that again.

I'm waiting to here back from the seller, to see what 'back-out' options he has if the vehicle does not appear to what he represents it to be in the auction.

Out of interest, what is the 'approx' cost of doing a 'decent' V8 conversion.....??????

This car has a 4 speed but not sure about O/D?

Did the factory make a V8 for export to the USA?

The cost of doing a decent conversion in the Uk is around £7000 or 10,000 US dollars
Chris Betson

Graham, there were no official BV8 exports to the US. Some LHD cars went to other European countries and a handful of these plus a very few UK RHD cars have found their way across the pond over the years. IIRC the estimate is around 10 to 12 cars total.

<<Did the factory make a V8 for export to the USA? >>

Graham, as David stated above, the answer is no. I just wanted to clarify that all the Factory MGB V8s were GTs. All roadsters are conversions.

Thanks guys...the guy selling the car has not been overly pro-active in answering some of my questions.

Still, at the current price bid ($4150), the condition it 'appears' to be in (from the photos), it does look like a fairly decent candidate. However, the current bid price still has not me the reserve and he won't tell me what his reserve is. Can't see it would make any difference, if somebody wanted it, they would bid over the reserve...I'd just like to know, instead of wasting time.

Maybe throw a bid at him tomorrow?

I am in process of getting my yellow 215 mgb ready for sale and I can tell you I took over the project from another individual and the car is constantly getting changes to it (cosmetically).About 13,000 dollars this car has gobbled up.I know I can only get a fraction of this back because every individual wants to PERSONALIZE it to his needs.Oh ya I spent over 1000 dollars on special ordering fiberglass fenders FLARED like a COBRA,sebring kit,but when you count man hours of labor I have a million dollars in this car! $ 4500 in drivetrain (bored stroked balnced ported)I hope to get around 6500-7500 for it!
Dave Lafferty

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