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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Venting the Crankcase

I am using the Rover engine (1980 SD1) in my MGB. Rover valve covers. how do you vent the crankcase? I want to be able to use a PCV on them, and junk the flame trap. I do not want to drill a big hole in them in order to fit a grommet and the PCV.
Any ideas? solutions?


I used P6 valve covers and via flame traps i connected the valve covers with the carbs. The P6 covers have an pipe of approx 0.5 inch.
Peter van de Velde

I am not sure you can get by without a substantial rocker cover vent but the factory GT had an additional crankcase vent - as I recall down behind the starboard SU - it was connected via a moulded hose to a small air filter (in reality a petrol filter) secured to the back of the air conduit behind the carbs.

As I recall oil consumption was related to venting arrangement .. better get it right


The factory V8 only has one vent - as Roger describes. The remainder of the plumbing is suction from each carb to its respective rocker cover as Peter describes.

Paul Hunt

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