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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Vibration in gear stick

There is a high pitch vibration/buzzing coming from my Rover 5 speed gearbox. I had similar noise coming from standard MGB gearboxes as well. Any ideas what it might be and how to deal with it. It's not the gear knob
Ted Masters

I don't know the Rover 5-speed, but I suspect that there is a nylon type cup thingy at the base of the lever that is worn out. Undo the lever gaiter and remove the lever. If there's worn components, it should be obvious.
Mike Howlett

Usually it's the place where the shift lever goes into the rear extension of the gearbox ... i.e. on a standard MGB, there is a plastic bushing on the end of the gear lever that can be easily renewed by unbolting the cover plate and simply pulling out the shift lever altogether. Then some thick grease is squirted in there to further dampen vibrations. I believe the exact same thing is true on the SD1 box.

I have a standard B gearbox with the same vibration. I have changed the plastic bushing and the springs on the retainer plate, added grease and still the vibration persists. What is interesting is when I just barely touch the top of the shift knob the sound dis-appears.

It's a little button & a really strong spring on the SD1 gearbox. Mine has been missing for a long while & I don't have any vibration.
You might check the condition of the bushings at the 4
points where the shifter tower attatches to the gearbox. When the rubber bushings wear out it allows the shifter assembley to sag onto the drive flange & U joint.
Could it could be somthing like a pilot shaft bushing?

Immediately under the trim and over the top of the pivot point is a pressed tin cover plate that has a small flange at the rear where a single bolt holds it in place, The metal usually fatigues here and yoiur left with a loose bit that can rattle and vibrate. Gear selection is not affected by this failure.

Roger Parker

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