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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Volt meter

I have just bought a Smiths volt meter to fill in a spre hole on my dash , anyone know how it connects up, it has only two connections.

Cheers Dean

I wired mine up to connect with a green wire feed ( fused ), and black ground. If I remember there is no difference in spade size on the back, so its trial and error for polarity, note: the meter is damped so will show voltage changes slowly, connect the meter and turn on ignition and wait 15 seconds before realising its fitted the wrong way round.

The Volt meter connects directly to battery power from the ignition switch so it only comes on with the ignition switch. The other to any ground. Also, do NOT let it run through the power regualr on later cars... I am assuming you have a later car with later gauges. This unit takes minimum voltage, so it does not require its own power suppply as Tatty mentioned.
Good luck,
BMC Brian McCullough

All cars from 1964 had an instrument voltage stabiliser, and a voltmeter *has* to be connected to a switched (and preferably fused hence the green circuit that Tatty mentions) 12v supply since that is what they are measuring! There is no problem in powering it from the stabiliser, but it will indicate a constant 10v which isn't very useful.
Paul Hunt

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