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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Warranty

I just install a new crate V6 in a MGB, got the engine started everyhting was good. Next day started the engine to do some final tuning and it started to backfire to through the carb, Ign timing? NO carb to lean? NO Vacuum leak? NO Bad coil? NO, Fuel evel setting? NO and NO and NO
The exhaust valve lifter got hang up in the closed position.
I call the dealer who sold me the engine #8 and he said; bring the car to us, if we decide that it needs a new engine we will replace it, if it needs repairs and can be done to GM FIELD REP satisfaction we will do the repairs. The engine came with 50k or 3 years warranty.
It's nice to be able to take your MGB for service at your local GM service dept. One more reason to buy crate engines.
I have a customer who drives his car every day to work about 60 mile round trip, he has his car service at the local GM dealer, oil change, tune ups etc. he had the cluth replace by a GM dealer with GM parts.

after all MG is just the reverse of GM
Bill Guzman

As far as I'm concered, anybody or shop who stands behind their work without a set of tap dance shoes, is worthy of mention, even if they did steal then reverse the Great Seal of Senor Morris.
vem myers

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