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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Washer Bottle.......

I'm really new here and need a real simple question answering. I got my factory MGB GT V8 a couple of weeks ago and I haven't got a handbook. I have ordered one (although I have no idea when it will arrive?) I am trying to find the washer bottle and I have no idea where it is. I have looked in the engine bay but can't see it, where is it?
Sorry for being so dumb but this is the first classic car I have owned and it's gonna' take some time to get used to.
I used to drive an Audi TT Quattro so the MGB V8 is a completely different experience. Any pointers would be useful. I am also looking at doing some 'upgrades', possible the Edlebrock carburetor???

A Butterworth

The washer bottle should be right next to the brake servo. If its not there, you'll at least see the bracket.

What standard are you hoping to achieve with your V8
I have been improving my car over a period of about 3 yrs and am having great fun.
My advice is, before you contemplate engine improvements, sort the brakes and suspension out first. The MGB can be made to handle as well if not better than a lot of modern cars.

Mark Rawlins


Mark's comments as to those being the best places to start are quite right.

If you have no MGB experience, it could be worth while taking you car to a local mg specialist to see whether it's basically OK - in terms of brakes, suspension etc. The local branch of the MGOC can probably help you find a competant specialist. Roger Parker at the MGOC (01954-234003) is a good guy with lots of experience who's very willing to help.

Good luck - you'll enjoy the beast when you're happy with it.

P L Hills

I've had my V8 as my only car for eight years now and it still makes me smile.

If you get it running and handling right I'm sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

As a first step in the upgrade department I'd certainly recommend a Lumenition High performance kit.

Secondly - handling kit front and rear and adjustable shocks will transform the handling.


Thanks for the advice. I sorted the washer bottle - it was a bit dirty and I assumed it was some 'other' fluid..... Anyway sorted now.
With regards to a local competent dealer or garage, does anyone know any in the North West; possibly Rochdale???


A Butterworth


Our local MG expert is very good if you can be bothered travelling to Blackpool... Tony Holt at MG House...he has had a lot of experience with both V8's and GT's.....I wouldn't let anyone else touch my cars.

I can give you a phone number and's only just past the end of the M55.

Welcome to the club.

Michael barnfather

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