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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - We Need Your Help!

Folks, I'm delighted to announce a newly designed website is up and running at

YOU are invited to visit, and to contribute content.

Hopefully the web address is familiar. This is the site Dan Masters created. Now it's quite a bit bigger. Hopefully it's easier to navigate. You may notice it downloads quicker. The increase in size is largely through the generosity of Larry Embrey. (Larry decided to take his site offline last winter.) The site now contains over 900 JPEG photos of British sports car engine conversions! Have a look.

But wait - there's more! The British V8 Newsletter is moving online - and will now be FREE! (You can download the newest issue in PDF format.)

If I can get a little help with transcription, I hope to take ALL the back-issues and build them into one HUGE searchable library. For best results it needs to be done one article at a time, which is labor intensive, but just imagine having all that information as convenient as your own computer. (Volunteers?)

I'm a big fan of Kurt Schley's articles in particular, so I'm excited about having them easier to sort through - all the way back to 1993 - and Ted-Turnerized as much as possible with new color photography. That's a goal, anyway. Kurt has pledged to keep contributing brand new articles too, as have Greg Myer and James Jewell.

Did I mention that we need YOUR help?

Almost certainly you're expert at some aspect of this topic. Why not volunteer to write an article? If you haven't already done so, you might start with a "How It Was Done" article on your own car. Why not send in photos of your favorite cars? Can you suggest improved captions to the photos we've already collected? We'll even accept financial contributions, and we'll be adding very economical adverts.

Okay, I'm shutting up now, but please do give the site a look and let us hear your comments. (See the website's "contact us" page...)

Wow, the new site is awesome!! Well done! Looks like I will be spending some time on the computer tonight!
Dave B.
BR Dave

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you....
Jim Stuart

Nice job!

rick ingram

Looks fantastic !
Great job.
Pete Mantell

Awesome job, Curtis!
Carl Floyd

I'll help transcribe, email me off the board if you still need help.

Thanks, Curtis! ! !
is the first site on my bookmarks toolbar at the top of
my computer screen. I'll be contacting you shortly.
Regards, Jack
John Renaud


KJ Dodd

Most of we computer illiterates probably don't have a true grasp of the work involved with designing and maintaining a website, converting all the old files, supporting a newsletter, etc.- and doing all this with no financial compensation. All of us should be truly grateful that you have stepped up to the plate to continue what Kurt started.
I, for one, would like to see this endeavour succeed, even if it requires some periodic monetary contribution. Please accept what is left of my current V8 Newsletter subscription fee.
I'll also make a mental note to submit some written material for the Newsletter.
Graham Creswick

I took a look at your html coding, and it's super slick! All CSS, which makes for fast loading pages, uniform design, and easy for updating.

I like the content too! =)


BMC Brian McCullough

You guys are very, very kind. I've hardly created any new content... and with such great content to start with website design is truly fun.

I need to apologize to anyone who's tried to e-mail me today (at: and gotten a bounce-back message. I don't understand the problem, but my hosting company is certain it'll be fixed very shortly. In the meantime, the form-response thingy on the "contact us" page is working like a charm.

I want to THANK folks who've already offered to contribute content to and/or to sponsor the new website. Very, very soon we'll have two new TR-4 / Ford 5.0 how-it-was-done articles, plus an article about installing a Miata independent rear suspension under a TR-4 and another article (from a different volunteer) about a Nissan-based IRS he's developed for MGB. It's so cool to see stuff coming together. Keep it coming, guys!

Kelvin is very modest, but I'm going to risk embarassing him by thanking him specifically. Moss Motors has very kindly pledged to underwrite the MG and Triumph photo gallery index pages. Look for their tasteful new graphic soon, decorating the bottom inch or so of those two pages.

Justin - the problem with that CSS-based design is that one tiny typo can make every page display badly! There's a tiny little typo somewhere that I'm having a devil of a time finding. (Luckily it seems to only affect my mother-in-law's computer/browser, but it's still driving ME nuts.) E-mail me please if you have a minute to help me look for it. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes...

I think I forgot to mention before that there's a "site map" on the website - and on it there's a column to help folks find what's new or at least what's changed in-between issues of the newsletter. (The site map link is at the very bottom of every single page.) Today, for example, I received and uploaded the September-December 2005 newsletter back-issue in PDF form! Check it out.

Oh my gosh - look at the time!

Thanks again guys.

Congrats the site looks great!! I am glad to see you were able to use my content.

Larry Embrey

Great job well done !! Thanks for all your hard work very much appreciated. I will try to contribute something in due course.
Gil Price

It's awesome Curtis! Great work. You know i'll help any way i can; don't hesitate to ask.

As if I dont spend to much time already looking at L.B.C.'s with big engines ,, now theres this ,,WOW !!
denny 1

"For he's a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us.." and we really mean it. This will be an invaluable resource and the first place anyone new (or old) needs to be directed to. I spend most of a very entertained and interested evening on in and didn't cover everything. God knows how long it took you to put it together. Huge effort, well done Curtis.

I'm packing for a business trip and I'll be out of touch from Saturday through Tuesday... but e-mail is working perfectly now so feel free to shoot me messages (especially if they contain cool photos of your conversions that I can upload to the website! Suggestions for new content are welcome too.)

Before I go, I wanted to mention that another three or four FREE British V8 newsletter back-issues were uploaded today to:

Hey I learned some new tricks tonight to! My wife is a artist and graphic designer. When she's at work I sneak onto her Mac and play around. Today I figured out how to use her software to compress PDF files more efficiently so they'll download faster. The seventeen newsletter back-issues went from 255MB to 55MB! I'm pretty confident you'll NOT detect ANY loss of quality, but by all means let me know if you do. (I kept the old copies just in case.)

Thanks for all the kind and thoughtful notes.

Have a great weekend!

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