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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Weber hydraulic thowout bearing

Hello. Just looking for some info here. When you folks out ther bought your weber bearing did it
have the bleeder bolt included with the kit?

I purchased one last year and am just getting around to fitting it in now. I just realized that there is no bleeder. All I have are the lines
that need to be adapted to some useful workings.

Could some one let me know what you did to connect to the stock b master and what you used to bleed
out the system? (I have no bleeder screw but could just buy a bolt I suppose}


Steve D
Steve Devine

Those hoses are your bleeder set-up. One of them should have a "bleder fitting" on the end of it. Get the unit installed in your car, which-ever hose is on the top side, put the fitting into that one. Connect the other to your master Cyl. Bleeding is simple. I used a home-made gunsons which pushed fluid fromt he Master Cyl to the slave. Took all of 2min to bleed her and be done.

Larry Embrey

This thread was discussed on 27/08/2002

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