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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - West Coast MGB's

We would like to know how many of you in the west coast
Are interested in a MGV8, V6, meet.
Before we proceed with this task we need to know how many would like to attend or will attend such gathering.

Thanks, Bill

Bill Guzman

Count me in, I am based in San Jose, CA
Tony Bates

You got my vote

I am in Tacoma, WA, but lets see wht develops.
Larry Embrey

Southern California ??
Don Zeigler


It would be a great drive down. Count me in. I am sure other from the local clubs would love it as well.

I could talk a few of my friends into attending
Greg Fast

You Bet, Bill!
Gary Lee

Bill, per our correspondence, you can count on me to not only attend, but to assist you in the prep. It would be ideal to have a nice place with access to a track that would not require all the racing equipment. I know there are a number of real nice locations and tracks in Ca., but they are not in the same place. Maybe we should concentrated on a central location? I know one of the MG organizations had a gathering in Tahoe.

Stan Arendts

Count my name.

Edd Weninger
Huntington Beach, CA
Edd Weninger

I would be interested!
Gary Million

Sounds like a good idea.
Steve Nightingale

west coast run sounds pure dead brilliant ( great i mean).
just had the beast resprayed and got all the equiptment stowed back in. it would be a great to get it out in the sun for a long blast.
the west coast of scotland is great at this time of year.
oh s*** , you mean the "THE" WEST COAST, a man can dream...,maybee some day ...enjoy yourselves and think of us,the ones left behind

Count me in, im there all the time anyway.

Pending the completion of the 'B, I'll be there.

Count me in, also! If possible could it be done when school is out, for those of us who have kids.
bill jacobson

Great responses, you bet we will put it together.
Bill Jacobson, you have a good point, perhaps we should do it in July, Aug time frame.

We will start looking for a location that will accommodate our venture.
Tell us what you want at this great event, how much would like pay etc. this will determine the location, and we will try to put it together for you, right Stan?
I like the idea of fun and not a car show completion, just the guys and gals getting together to share our cars.

Please pass the word.
Bill Guzman

This event will be an MGB event only, it will not be related with TCRA Like I had mention on another thread, I think we should have our own event, unless the majority would like it otherwise.
Bill Guzman


Why are you wanting to make it an MGB event only? That goes against the direction the V8 Newsletter has been taking. Since 2001, when we changed the name of the newsletter to "The British V8 Newsletter," we have been pushing for a BRITISH car readership. MGBs will always dominate, simply because there are more of them, but we would miss a lot if we excluded other marques.

Events sponsored by the newsletter are open to any one with, or an interest in, ANY British car with ANY engine swap, V6, V8, straight 6, or even higher performance 4-cylinders. At the Townsend show, we even had a Spitfire with a Ford 4-banger which got a lot of attention.

We also had some VERY nice Austen-Healeys and Triumphs with V8s, as well as some other brands. We can all learn from each other. I would hate to return to a narrow scope of only MGBs again.

Please reconsider and open it up to all British marques, the only requirement being a swap to a higher performance engine.
Dan Masters

yes, make it for all British cars it will be more fun. i for one like any british car, i just happen to have an MG.


Remember, coordinate with Dan Masters, NAMGBR's V8 Registrar. By doing so, the event MAY be able to qualify for NAMGBR's liability insurance ... which will save you considerable dollars.

I agree with Dan ... do NOT limit this to MGBs only .. I've gained a lot of insight and ideas from spurious Triumphs, et cetera .. and we are all members of the same brotherhood! I would also open the event to enthusiasts who are "on the fence" or in the middle of a conversion ... there is a lot to be learned from both sides! (It was being able to talk to other V8ers, drive there cars, et cetera that REALLY put me over the edge to begin contruction of my MGB/GT V8.)

Just another two pence worth (again).

rick ingram
1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
1969 MGC (has been driven to five V8 meets)
1978 MGB
rick ingram

Jeff Sandusky, (pres. So. Cal. Porsche Club) lives on my block. I know that his club ocassionally rents a track for a day or weekend. (last summer - Laguna Seca) Perhaps his or another club would consider going-dutch with you all. I don't have a race car but am an avid enthusist.
Marc, (2 midgets) Northridge, CA
Marc Judson

Count me in.
Gordon Elkins

I would surely attend this event. Also I would like to see it open to all British conversions. There is a beautiful 215 Healy in my area.

79 MGB V8 "under construction"
74 1/2 MGB GT

Morgan Sellgren

I get motivated with the great responses.
Dan, thank you for the beautiful t-shirt. Dan, if there are guidelines for this event, please send them to me.
Thanks for the suggestions; I will organize an all-British car event. (great idea)
Some of you suggested to rent a racetrack, to do that it would take 100 cars at $210-250 per car for the weekend if we could get Laguna Seca. We (TCRA) schedule the track 2 years ago and we go it this memorial weekend. It's not cheap to rent a track.

We have some options:
1. Central Coast British Car Club (my club) We have a car show every year in July in the Ventura harbor, we celebrate a different Marque every year, this year is the Aston Martin, next year could be the British V8-V6 cars. This option would be a two day or three day event.
Friday evening, welcome party at a hotel by the beach
Saturday, wine tour Santa Barbara canyons roads etc.
In the afternoon a Lemans start competition. You run to your car, start the engine and who ever gets to the line first wins.
Evening tech session-s
Sunday car show with all of the British cars with a beautiful ocean setting.
I talk to my club and they are willing to honor the V8-V6 British cars as the Marque for 2004.
Friday, and Saturday would be just us, and we will invite other clubs.

2. Moss motors has the British extrabagansa in May at the Buttonwillow race track (very hot) this track is located in Bakersfield and it's a good drive to get there, but itís a possibility, I could talk to Kelvin from Moss Motors to see if it's possible. I personally would not like it due to the type of event nothing else to do, unless you race.

I would prefer the first choice. The insurance would be cover by CCBCC for Sunday, on Sat. I can arrange for insurance. Cost of the event on Sunday $30, Friday and Sat $20 Insurance cost, this is only an estimate. I can reserve a block of rooms and a hospitality room with wine, food etc.
I have three extra rooms, one room has a queen bed, and the other two rooms have singles. I am willing to help anyone who may need a room. You will help with breakfast.
This is the plan; Dan please set me straight if this is not between the guidelines of the newsletter.

Please let us know which option is good for you.
I like to plan early and have this done by no later than Sept. this will give us plenty of time to make changes etc.

3.. We TCRA (Touring Car Racing Ass.) have an 11 race weekends per year, one of them is at Ca. Speedway we could organize a slalom, drags, and a car show during the two event. This is not a guarantee, but a possibility. We need to check with our insurance and other legal obstacles. If organize with TCRA it would not cost $300 per car.
Let us know.
Thanks, Bill
Bill Guzman

Bill, You have come up with some good options. There are some suggestions on another thread for next years' "East" meet. One thing that struck a chord with me was to consider the desires of the spouse/significant other. With this in mind Ventura #1 is the best. Perhaps we could also go to the track, since California speedway is only about a 100 mi. away. If this could be coordinated with TCRA? I think there could be some track saftey requirements that need to be considered. We would want as many as want to use the track without the need for special upgrades.

I too am getting motivated. This could be a big deal.

Stan Arendts


I would also be interested in this event. Count me in.

David Cousins

Great David we will be having a great time.

For now, we will be planning to have our event in conjunction with the Central Coast British Car Club
(CCBCC) On Sunday, on Friday and Saturday we will have our own events as follows:
Welcome Ming party at a Hotel by the sea in Ventura Ca.
Saturday, Morning
A TSD Rally or a wine tour in Santa Inez wineries. Very nice roads to enjoy with our cars. Wives will enjoy this trip.
Saturday afternoon
Tech sessions for the guys kick tires, share construction of car etc.
For the wifeís a trip to the factory mall in Camarillo or some kind of tour, plenty of places here and lots to do.
Saturday night dinner and perhaps a guest speaker to entertain us
Sunday early morning Car show, all of the modified British cars will be the guests of honor at the all British Car Show by the sea. It's a great setting.

This plan can be modify if needed.
Cost, car show $30 and whatever cost it may be for dinner etc. and whatever your significant other may spend.
We are going to have a great time.

Bill Guzman

Do you have a date set yet?
bill jacobson

No, but I have the month July 2004.
As soon as I get the date for the car show I will the rest of the dates etc.

Thanks Bill, good question.
Bill Guzman

Billy G.- I'd come down in a rented VW to see Ziegler's 90*V-6 actually running. I'll pencil in 704. What's the vig? Vic
vem myers

Bill give an email when you get it organized.
Bill Mertz

I contacted our local airport using airport transfers tonbridge to see if it was feasible to have a slalom or drag racing in the section that some magazines use for their testing.
Yes it's very possible that we will have a place to run the cars. More later
Bill Guzman

Camarillo AP might be good too, or one of the Millitary bases in the area if not too tight due to 9/11.
Marc Judson

Marc, the air field at PT Mugu is a definate NO. Port Hueneme does not have a place and if they did, it would be a NO.
You are correct, I was refering to Camarillo airport, it is a very possible yes.
Bill Guzman

This sounds very interesting. The July 2004 date sounds great also as it may give me time to figure out the installation of a 2.8 litre Ford V6 engine and tranny in a '66 Roadster.

Perhaps a thread search is in order.

J. A. McManus

Hi guys..

Don't be hesitant to check with your local police force...once I locked down a local landing strip for MG V8 1999...I got the local SCCA to set up an autocross course...(for the trade of two meet
t-shirts) and the Illinois State Police to set up a 1/4 mile laser radar top speed (no timing equipment available other than SCCA, which was already being used on the autocross). Anything IS possible!

rick ingram

SCCA in Ca. is different??? Cal club=SCCA wants $1000 per day for the timing rights of the event.

Great idea about the local seriffs, I am sure they would do it. I know some of them.
This is growing I got 15 e-mails about this event, one from my own town from a guy who has a Spitfire with 5.0 Ford, Tremec 5 speed, and a 8" Ford rear. Another one who has a 70 GT with a Grand National 3.8 Turbo!!
and a MKII Jaguar with FI 302 Ford.
This is going to be great event.


J.A. Lots of work to install the 2.8 Ford on the 66 I have a 73 with a 2.8/T5 Send an e-mail will tell you what to do.
Bill Guzman

Count me in whether my car is finished or not!
DTR Ross

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