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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - West Coast V8 Meet

Due to personal reasons, the British Modified Cars (BMC) Gathering has been rescheduled to October 22-24.
Will reserve a block of rooms for those who need accomodations. Flier and entry forms will follow next week.
Please pass information on to others and let me know if you plan to attend.
for more information, email me.
Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there.
Bill Guzman
Bill Guzman

Bill, I assume the location is in the Ventura, CA area. If so, I'll be there.


Stan Arendts

how many cars do you expect bill? did you ever call me back about the rear end? i will stir it up a little now: v8 meet? i assume you have trailer parking? i like the sound of the BMC club much better? how do we petition the current club to make a name change?
james madson

I am into the swing. Yes James will call you tomorrow, and yes we have plenty of parking for a triler.
We expect about 30 to 40 cars some are comming from Oregon and Arizona, Some wild healeys, there is a club of modified Healeys in LA and the XJ Jaguar Lumps and the wild MG's
We will be starting a club for BM Cars only.
Stan, yes same location Camarillo airport using airport transfers tonbridge Ventura County, Ca.
Bill Guzman

Bill, send me info when you get it. I'd like to check it out even though I drive a stock 4-banger. :)

Oh, and get cracking on that rear end. :p
Steve Simmons

Stupid question, October 22-24, 2004 or 5?
Tony Bates

The rear end is looking good! LOL Will call you today Steve.

Tony, the event is this year, hope to see you there.
Bill Guzman

Hi Bill,
Yes I plan to be there, alas without the B it is still in many pieces.
Maybe ready for the nexe West Coast meet.
Tony Bates

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