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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - what do I have?

I bought a 1964 sprite with M G engine installed. I need info about this engine and availabe parts. Tag reads 18s-g-u-11 365. K2D cast # on left side. 1800 cast on rt. side. Any info is appreciated.
shirl lloyd

I suggest you repost on the MG Technical thread.
Ian Buckley

The early engine number are 18G-U-H/101, a something like it number is 18G- (R)U-H/L 101-31121 produced May62-Feb64. Three bearings crankshaft, overdrive (R) optional, low compression optional.

The A-H Sprite and the MG midget used what is known as the A series engine. The engine you describe is, I think, a B series engine. These were used in the MGA, MGB and various BMC saloons and vans. While it is an 1800 and 1800 B series were used in the MGB, the 18s prefix engine numbers were not used in the MGB. So the engine probably comes from a saloon car originally or it may be a factory reconditioned engine if it is painted gold.

Probably a tight fit in a Sprite and a little nose heavy. When Healey experimented with a 1622cc B series in the Sprite they lengthened the car between the front bulkhead and the axle line.

David Witham

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