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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - what do i need to super charge my 68 b roadster

i have a 68 mgb roadster and was wondering what it would take to supercharge the engine. do you have to put a different engine from the orginal 4 banger?

any knowledge on this subject would be greatfully appresheated


You don't need a new engine, Scott; just a new head and lots of cash. That's a joke, son.
George B.

First, love and keep it(her) for what(whom) it(she) is, then get a mid '80's Pontiac for the 'super' thing. Heck, you can supercharge your mom's Lada if you want! (this is in no way intended to be racist nor sexist). You must appreciate those Malasian "Vector" beach chicks, though!

Scott, Put simply you can supercharge any really is first a matter of determining what you want to have at the end and work back to the best staring point. If the car is a daily driver a mild supercharging like that used by Mercedes Benz is probably the way to go.Some performance increase but still reliable and driveable. Club racing or circuit racing means more power and more fun but an increased risk of a demolished motor.
As the old saying goes..."Speed costs monay so how fast do you want to go?"
The 'B engine is pretty reliable and can be tuned to give up to about 120 horsepower and much knowledge is already out there for it. This might be a preferable option rather than re inventing he wheel so to speak.
There are a number of places selling superchargers and perhaps they might be able to give you some more specific advice.
Cheers, Pete, Sydney, Australia.
Peter Thomas

Find a back issue of a British Car Magazine as there was a pretty in depth article about how someone used a centrifugal super charger on his 1800. If thats what you wanna do, definately read this first. I think the website is something like or something along those lines
Jarrod Hills

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