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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - What flow rate for fuel pump?

Guys, what is the type of flow rate i need to achieve for a stock rover with a 390 holley? I am hoping to avoid any need for a return pipe to the fuel tank if possible.
mark mathiesen

Yeah, the return pipe seems like a PITA. I was going to put one on, and I just got lazy and said fuhgeddaboudit. I am using a Mallory 70gph pump. That sounds high but 70gph is the flow at zero pressure; of course the pump actually supplies only a fraction of that at the requisite 5.5psi pressure (I run a Carter carb; I reckon a Holley must be fairly close to its pressure requirement). There is an excellent article about fuel pump sizes, etc. at

although they absolutely advocate running return lines even in carb'd setups. However, in any case you will find some excellent formulas for sizing fuel pumps, etc. (Plug: the owner of Century Performance is very, very knowledgable and has provided most helpful advice on more than one occasion.) Also, they tell me that the bigger pump you use, the quieter it will be; it's not clear to me why; NB the Mallory is fairly quiet but is certainly audible.

This thread was discussed on 12/03/2001

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