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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - What Fuel Pump for a 2.8 V6?

The fuel pump is bad on my 72 GT. Since I am considering a 2.8 Chevy V6 swap anyway, I hate to buy a new SU pump as I understand they are marginal for swap applications and expensive. As I'm kind of low on funds at the moment, I'm looking for something in the $50 or so range that will work with the stock engine and then be up to the job for a V6 in the future. I have a Holley fuel pressure regulator in my tool box so I can adjust pressure as needed. Any suggestions? What would be the correct pressures for the stock engine and then for a stock carbed V6 2.8?
Terry M

Terry, most of the pumps available at the salvage yards now are for FI applications and put out far too much pressure and require a return line to the tank. Check the local auto parts store or speed shop. Something like this Holley pump or an older Stewart-Warner pump should do find.,,_Holley-Red-Electric-Fuel-Pump.html?itemNo=FUEL+PUMP
Output around the 5 to 7 psi range should be fine for the carb. Mounting is very similar to the SU pump, so that might make things easier.
Bill Young


in my GT V8 i use a Mitsumi pump as fitted to some Honda and Mitsubishi non EFI cars. The Engine is a Rover 215, carb is a Holley 390.

The Mitsumi does 3.45 PSI and has allways been O.K. for this setup but with a large Racymex Filter close to the carb to have some extra fuel in the filter bowl) near by when excellerating hard.



Ask at the local auto store, they can help you out. A carb fuel pump is nothing terribly special. Something with around 3-5 psi is good. Also, when looking for a 2.8L, dont forget to look for the 3.1 and 3.4L since the price is about the same and the power output superior!

BMC Brian McCullough

Whatever pump you select, make sure you can get a replacement fairly easily if necessary, it is an electric fuel pump, and can fail.
Bill Young

The pump that I use is a Red head Holley. This pumps are preset at 7 lb of pressure and are quiet and can be install above the tank.
this are ready avaiable from any speed shop and some auto parts stores under a different name.

Install a good fuel filter before the pump.

There are other choices and less money. Holley pump about $90.00 others like Facet about $30 to 70
Bill Guzman

I also used the Holley - I wanted something reliable that would prime well. It was poerfect and had ample output.

When I turn on the ignition I hear about 3-4 seconds of Holley pump filling and pressurising the swirl tank and then all is quiet and you do not hear either one running after that.
Bill Spohn

I went to the auto parts sore and bought a Mr. Gasket for $38. It pumps about 4-7 psi. I put it on just to see if the engine would start (the 4 cyl). It flooded it terribly. I haven't had a chance to get out and put on the regulator yet. The stock engine uses about 2 psi, right?
Terry M

Yes Terry, the stock SU puts out around that pressure, 4-7 psi is too high for SU carbs. You'll need the regultor until you install the V6
Bill Young

My stock fuel pump in my V8 B works just fine. I think this is going to be the case till you get into the SBC or SBF conversions.

That's my suggestion. Get on eBay and find one. no wiring or fuel pressure regulator and you can tell when it is working.
Richard Morris

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