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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - What happened to all the great V8 threads?

Hello all. Maybe it's just me, but didn't there used to be a lot of threads running on this subject? Did everybody complete their cars and no longer have anything new to talk about?
As for myself, I'm still undergoing my own (very long!) conversion. I've been following these posts since 1999 and have received excellent technical information as well as inspiration for starting my own conversion. I took time off to have a couple of children and do some major landscape and construction projects among other things. Now I'm finding myself working on my car more and more, once again. It's a Ford 289/T5 setup in a 1970 convertible. It's a one of a kind install for sure, one which will likely make for good conversation, even outside of MG circles.

That said, I still have many questions and I'm going to start with one here today: Does somebody have good pictures and a description of how to fabricate your own traction links and top hats for the front spring hanger? I'm using the stock rear end for now, but would like to keep it from hopping around too much while I'm waiting for the axle shafts to twist like pretzels. You guys who fabbed your own 5 link rears with independent suspension, you're sick! I love that kind of stuff, but my fab skills and budget aren't quite there yet. Something to improve the stock leaf spring setup would be appreciated. Any comments?


Scott Wooley

They seem to get archived here rather quickly.

There are also two additionl V8 boards up and running that are popular:


All three boards have great information and advise.
Rick Ingram

Scott wrote: "Does somebody have good pictures and a description of how to fabricate your own traction links and top hats for the front spring hanger?"

You'll find literally dozens of photos of different traction links (aka anti-tramp bars) and top-hat reinforcements (and various alternatives) on the BritishV8 site. In total, that site has over 6500 photos of modifications and modified British sports cars - and it has powerful search features too.

You might want to start with these four articles:

(for anti-tramp bars)

(for reinforcements)

Hi Scott
Email me at britcars "at" I have a few photos of my top hats during fabrication and after installation.
Phil O

Scott, I built some anti tramp bars for my midget much like the ones shown in the two links Curtis posted. I used rear spring shackle bushings and some tubing of the appropriate size to house those so that I could get replacements easily if ever needed. For street use the suspension seems to work best if the bar length center to center is the same as the distance between the center of the front spring eye and the center bolt at normal ride height. This is measured in a straight line, not along the curvature of the spring, and at the top surface of the spring.
As far as the lack of threads, as Rick said most of us have moved over to the British V8 Forum or MG Experience. Nothing wrong with this board, I still check it daily for MGB, MGA, and Spridget items, just not enough posts usually to warrant a daily check of the V8 conversion board.
Bill Young

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