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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - What is a 14CUX?

I have an opportunity to buy a 3.9 V8 out of a 1993 Rover, described further as a 14CUX system. Is anyone familiar with this engine? If so, do you think I should consider it for my '69 conversion?

Dana - the Lucas 14 CUX fuel injection sytem was standard on the Range Rover and the RV8 and is ideal if you are looking for an injected sytem - remember the ancilliary costs - the bonnet with a bulge - the bosch fuel pump - the additional fuel line and modified tank.

The engine may have the new timing cover with a crank mounted oil pump - but will still do the job with Carbs. If you find the fuel injection installation too daunting - you can always recycle the kit and recover the cost.

If you do buy the whole kit - you want some assurances about its state.

Good luck - Rog

This thread was discussed between 03/11/2000 and 06/11/2000

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