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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - What types of hood scoops

are you using? Any pictures? Thanks.

I think one like on the 98-02 Ram Air Trans-Am would look nice. If you know someone that does very good with sheet metal they may be able to fabricate one for you.

Guys, I had British american build me a custom MGC hood with larger scoop to give room for my carbs...I'm now able to offer them for's where you can see it:

anthony barnhill

anthony barnhill


I'm using one I picked up from a truck performance shop.

It's made of ABS plastic, 13"x18.5" in size (this is the smallest. It also comes in 28" & 35" lengths). It looks something like the factory scoop on the '67 GTO.

Originally, it's just a "stick-on" for that fake scoop look but I cut out the inlets and my body man bonded it into the hood. Looks pretty good.

I can send a picture if you contact me off-site.

Simon Austin

Just found a site that shows a picture of the scoop I'm using.

Scroll down to "Small Style Hood Scoop".

Simon Austin

Thanks for the input. I was hoping to find something sort of like a Cobra type scoop - a little more rounded.

I'm getting ahead of myself again, as I still don't have an engine so I have no idea how large a hole/scoop I'll need.

Bill guzman offers a smaller cobra style scoop. give him a call or contact him thru classicconversionseng.

Thanks Garret.

I noticed that Bill has a couple of scoops listed on his website, but I didn't see any pictures. I'm suspect he'd send a pic upon request.

I need to ask him a few questions regarding his kit anyway.

One thing I had always wanted to do, on my otherwise bone-stock-looking GT (no longer have it) was put one of those Mr. Gasket cast aluminum Hillborn scoops on there. (You have to have a regular ol' 4-bbl carbie) I was thinking of pointing it backwards toward the windshield, to keep out rain, bugs and get a lil' positive pressure. It would've been so hilarious but I guess my humorless side prevailed. They're a good solution because the air filter element goes right inside the scoop. All you have to do is cut a ~6" hole in the hood, bolt the scoop on, use foam to seal the mouth of the carb to the underside of the hood and you're set. (Of course you can go the traditional route and mount the Hillborn scoop right to your carb and then cut a gigantic hole in the bonnet, but it seemed to me that rain, etc. would cause major headaches.)

I went so far as to find an old scoop and B bonnet, but I never followed through and I resold them. The thing that truly set me to giggling was, I plopped the scoop down on the existing bonnet and got inside the car -- it filled half the windshield! (Why I didn't follow through with this is a testament to my own lameness.)
David D.

Sometimes you must but on this side of the pond it is Subarus and old bangers with go-faster stripes that have that sort of thing -

I used a scoop from a 67 GTO. I cut it out of a wrecked hood. It was a lot of work to weld it to a MGB hood. I had to section 6 inches out of it, 1 inch at a time, to get it the right length so it looks like it belongs there. But I am very happy with how it turned out.
Some of the old muscle cars have nice looking scoops that may work. While it's true some of these hoods are getting hard to find. Sometimes guys that collect the type of car your interested in, will have a wrecked hood laying around that they'll sell for a cheaper price. Because it may be to far gone to use as a replacement hood.
bill jacobson

I don't know bill, that scoop of yours looks a little to matural on the hood!! I think you need to give me that hood and do another one that does not look so normal!!

BILL - You know anyone in the are that has a stock RB k-member?? I want to re-do mine after I hacked it up this summer. Sorry I missed you folks at ABFM, I was much less than happy about the whole thing. But I should be good to go for spring I hope.

I will have a big scoop on the other car once I start it. Will be no way not to with what I have planned!!!
Larry Embrey

Bill, you used a scoop from a GTO? I suppose the G in your MGB stands for Goat - I like it.

There's a semi-local guy who has a shop and a yard with about 100 MG parts cars - I'd thought about contacting him if I have to go the hole-in-the-hood route.

I don't have the skill to fabricate a scoop.

I'm still planning and getting ideas while looking for parts.

Havn't seen any RB cross-members for sale recently. I was disapointed that I couldn't make the ABFM, had a family reunion that week end. Still it was good to see all of the relatives though. It's been a slow year for me MG-wise. Between family events, house repairs, and grass dragging snowmobiles, it seemed like there was always a conflicting event.
Other car? Are you building another one? Bigger scoop...hmm...sniff sniff, a think I smell a blower in your future!!

Good luck with your project! There are lots of products avalible now to build a V8 conversion. I think you be very pleased with the results once you get'er on the road!
bill jacobson


I have a RB cross-member on the car now (looks real good = no indication that it has been hit or twisted, etc.), but I need a chrome-bumper cross-member.

Can we do a switch?

John Wells

I have both rubber bumper & chrome bumper cross members for me for info
anthony barnhill

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