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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - where to find a Rv8

i have a 1968 mgb roadster and i was looking for a rv8 engine so i can convert to v8 engine i can't find one anywhere. what kind of engine do i need? can i take one out of a mgb gt v8? help please


The archives for this bulletin board are a good place to start your research, but in a nutshell, the motor is found in 1961-1963 Buicks (215 cubic inches) The triumph tr8, rover 3500, Range Rovers, and Land Rover Discoveries through about 1994. Post 1994 Rovers and Discoveries have some modifications that make things a bit more difficult, so save yourself some trouble and find the pre 1995 V8 if possible. The mgb gt V8 was never officially brought to the US so finding one here is extremely difficult, though some do exist.

Get into the archives and begin reading, the information in there is priceless.

Good luck!

Scot, if you're still looking for 215 V8 engines and options, check these eBay items. The engine in Oakland looks like a good deal....current bid $256.00 with 15hrs to go at 0100hrs, 18/02/02

eBay Item #


john morgan

Please don't take one out of a genuine MGBGTV8 - there were only about 2700 of these ever made and they should be preserved.
Mike Howlett

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