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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Which fuel pump?

Hey guys, it was great to see some of you at the V8 show last month. What a great group. Now the question.As I continue fund my conversion, I plan to have the 4 banger a couple more months. My fuel pump took a dump tonight. What should replace it with to make sure it will be fine with the V8 also.
Morgan Sellgren

Watch Ebay (Or if you prefer buy new) for a Holley BLUE fuel pump (search for "holley pump"). New they come with a fuel regulator VERY IMPORTANT, you will need one, and they are available separately. I think they are like $98

Get that pump, they are very reliable, will fit in the STOCK location with the rerouting of one wire that will reach without cutting and will feed any V8 you would stick into a B that is going to be street driven.
Larry Embrey

The Holley fuel pumps are so doggone noisy. I tried a few and found that a Mallory Comp is very quiet. (They make many different volume pumps; I used a Comp 70.) Coupla things: both Mallory and Holley strongly recommend that you install their pumps vertically, not horizontally like an MG pump, for best fire suppression if a leak ever occurs. Next, the stock rubber sleeve just doesn't give you enough vibration insulation to keep things really quiet. After quite a bit of trial and error, I used an idea I'd found on this BBS and I ended up mounting my Mallory -- using four rubber "soft mounts" -- to that web of metal just forward of the RHS battery box. Seems to work perfectly after several thousand miles, and it's very quiet to boot. It has an adjustable pressure regulator in the pump which works very well indeed -- I installed a fuel pressure gauge in the engine bay and I set the pump regulator to 5.5 psi, and it is always right on the money. But whatever pump you use, I'd really try to situate it vertically.

After looking more the problem was with the lousy wiring the previous owner did. Not enough power to the pump.Stock pump also seemed on its last leg so I installed a purilator from Pep Boys that a neighbor gave me. Works good but it noisy.

Ted! That Mallory sounds nice, how much do they cost?
Morgan Sellgren

Morgan, I'm using red Holley pump. No regulator needed.It mounts in the same area as the SU but vertically. It is noisy ,but if you mount it using the rubber mounts used for exhaust tail pipes, part # GEX 7493, as suggested on this BBS a while back, it becomes very quiet. I was at the V8 meet ,but sorry I can't put a face to your name. It was a good meet though.
Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

I also installed a Purilator brand pump after the stock MGB failed. The stock was only a few years old and locked up without warning. Also the stock MGB pump never delivered sufficient fuel at high revs. The Purilator pump is noisier so I mounted it on a rubber pad with lock nuts to prevent it from falling off. Only heer the pump when the ignition is on and the car is not running. When the car is running the exhaust is louder then the pump. Have a Holly red pump I purchased as a backup and will install per the suggestions above.

Does anyone know if the Holly pumps can be installed in series with another flow through pump?
Jim Miller

I have used the Purilator & N.A.P.A. pumps for 33 years & I like the N.A.P.A. pump better for it makes a lot LESS noise. I rubber mt. them with the rubber exhaust mts that have the 5/16 studs out each end, that were used on the late B exhaust in the back. I have used the low pressure on the 4 cyl. & high on my V-8s. I have run them on 3 of my own Bs over 200,000 miles each. What I have found that hurts them is if thay sit for more than 2 years. In 33 years the ONLY S.U. pump I have used is on a M.G.T. & I have used a lot of them N.A.P.A. pumps.
Glenn Towery

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