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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - which fuel pump should i use

the one on the 215 buick motor or the stock mgb pump?Or is something else prefered?
greg phillips

I'm using the electronic SU MGB pump on my 3.5 Rover and it works fine. I'm not familiar with the Buick pump.
Simon Austin

I opted for a pump which would easily keep up with any demands i might make on it. Then installing a regulator to control the flow. The pump I am using is a Carter Performance Electric fuel pump P4594 7ps. The pump is set at @ 5.5 and although it works fine, it is noisy. I blanked off the trunk thru hole (74.5 MGB) the original SU pump used and welded studs on the back of the plate to mount the Carter. Still hard to access.
Other pumps I have heard of people using are Facit Red Top which will give you a nice steady 5 lbs, and a pump from a 1984 Honda Accord.
From Martyn Harvey "I am using a Holley carb but I am using a Moprod brand electronic pump which is a direct replacement for the stock SU MGB pump. It is the same outside dimensions as the su and fits into the same hole in the trunk. I am very pleased with the performance (5 trouble-free , quiet years). I just bought one for the Jag XJ6 for $89 CDN from Obsolete Automotive, Sarnia, Ontario" This might be a better way to go. Quieter
Apparently the stock MG pump will work fine but will not be able to keep up when you boot it.
There is a bunch of stuff in the archives.


Bruce Mills

Facet, competition pump like a "can of beans":-

with two in-line filters.

Do avoid the Facet square pumps with a transistor mounted on top that make a ticking noise all the time. They are reported to be pretty useless giving low volume & insufficient pressure.
Nigel J S Steward

I used the moprod pump for years - produced enough for the 3.9 - was quiet and reliable.


The standard MGB pump should deliver *at least* 1/2 pt per minute, and that is the early one. The later one delivers twice that, which equates to about a tankful in 40 minutes!
Paul Hunt

A stock late model MGB fuel pump will keep up with a stock 215/3.5.

It will not keep up with a 4.2 or larger at high speed accelleration, but will keep up at steady speeds over 100 mph.

I don't remember what Dan sold me for the 300 motor, but it was a Carter, I believe, & you can hear it running if you are standing still. Overall,I am quite happy with it & it keeps up just fine. Check with D & D.
Jim Stuart

I can vouch for the speed at which the stock pump will empty a tank.

Just prior to licensing the car, I took it out for a quick spin to warm it up:

1/4 tank of gas...
Brisk acceleration...
Fuel line separates (flex line to fixed steel line)...

Results.....not priceless.

Couldn't believe how fast the tank emptied. I'm glad no one was driving by and throwing out cigarettes as there was quite the line of fuel leading straight to my car.
Simon Austin

Worst case get a holley "blue" fuel pump, they are very plentiful and easy to find on ebay. If you buy a new one they come with a regulator as well for under $100us. You will not outgrow one with a 215.
Larry Embrey

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