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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Which gauge?

Hi, I have stripped the dash ready for painting and found a previously filled small (52mm) hole which was hidden.

I have all the normal dials and clock I need, it seems a shame to waste it, and based on the principle that the more flash techy stuff I have in there, the more oohs and ahhs I will get from my friends I wanted to ask...

what would be most use to me - an ammeter for the alternator, or voltmeter.

Thanks, Liam

Voltmeter or vacuum. Definately NOT Ammeter, I doubt you'd find one that could handle the current of modern Alternators. If you have a dual oil/temp gauge, you might want to change it for separate gauges.Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

If you want Oohs & Aahs, fit an altimeter. That's bound to get a reaction.

Derek Nicholson

Or you could try there:-

Derek Nicholson

As much as I'd go for the "dive brakes" gauge, something a bit more practical (but not nearly as cool) might be an oil temp gauge.
Simon Austin

I would opt for the vacuum gauge suggested by Barrie.
Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Exhaust gas temp is a good choice, useful too.
I actually like having both a voltmeter and ammeter. That way any problems with the charging system are quickly and easily diagnosed and it is easy to tell if it is a battery or alternator problem. A vacuum gage is handy as well. Dual gages are wonderful, it makes room for one more.

Jim Blackwood

What does a vacuum gauge measure ?

Love the aeronautical feel BTW.


there are some nice advices given allredy, but most usefull is an oil temperature gauge, as oil teperature should be watched carfully for not loading the engine to heavy when cold, whatching not to exeed more than 20 deg. cent. when hot during motorway work or when racing.

The sender can be set in the lines of the filter. Works very well and is more usefull than a voltmeter.
I have both tis gauges installed in my V8 but oiltemperature, watertemperature and oilpressure are the most valuable ones for driving the V8.

R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

Vacuum gauges are usually plumbed to measure intake manifold vacuum. The higher the vacuum the lower the throttle opening positon and the higher your fuel economy. Useful at times to determine if you're better to shift up or down to obtain the highest vacuum reading. I'd vote for the oil temperature gauge, definitely a useful instrument. With modern alternators, usually they either work well or fail, so a voltmeter doesn't usually tell you much except battery charge condition.
Bill Young

My vote is for the voltmeter. And, a TR Stag voltmeter matches the late B gauges (79). In fact, I changed all my gauges to Stag gauges. It was a easy way to get a V8 tach and a 140mph speedo too. I ditched the clock for the voltmeter because there's no time like the present.

Kelly Combes

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