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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Who Knew?

That if you jack up the front of your car your slave cylinder won't bleed.
I got a new slave cylinder because the old one had a tear in the washer' new one has a different washer and piston.
I Put the new slave in and it wouldn't bleed. I put
the old one in it wouldn't bleed. I let the jack down the old one blead so I took the new piston and washer and stuck it in the old slave while it was still working. I know the old one will work because the only thing wrong was a slow leak because of the tear.
I am not much of a drinker but after that I tore into a six pack. I thought for sure I had pulled the ball out of the fork which works the clutch and that would of ment taking the motor and trans out. A few more Beers and all will be forgotten. After that I just wanted to do a 300 foot burn out. Denny
dbw morris

You might pump it in from the slave - has always worked for me.


I never had any trouble before I tried to do it with thw car jacked up. I have always done it by myself from under the hood at the master cylinder working the clutch pumping from there. When I put the motor and trans in the first time the sleeve that pushes the clutch in was to long,so the slave wouldnt pump upand I know think that is how the washer got worn from the piston and washer coming out of the slave from me pumping for a long tim untill I figured out the bushing was to long. It took 3000 miles for the slave to leak enough from sitting to notice the problem. I should know shortly if the new piston and washer work in the old slave.
dbw morris

Likely it will work OK -good luck


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