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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - who to insure with

for uk members . who have you found gives the best deal on insurance for these cars. mine is a 3.5 roadster. spoke to some idiot at firebond who kept quoting practical classics mag values at me.he thought 5ooo agreed value was a good deal. you can guess my reply!!
regards adrian
a salisbury

Try the club first


I have a 3.5 V8 roadster, insured with Peter Best , they are really helpful, intelligent and good value .
I pay 220 for two named drivers fully comp , 6000 miles business usage in London
much better than the club who quoted me 800 !!

call them on 01621 840400

Brian Marshall
Brian Marshall

>>>>>he thought 5ooo agreed value was a good deal
On the high side you mean, thus increasing the premium, or were you thinking something else ? There are plenty of average conversions that sell for less than this figure. But at the other end of the scale some guy based in Africa has been trying to sell a (full house) V8 conversion for around the 18k mark - unsuccessfully, for getting on for 2 years I believe!
As it's a conversion and therefore a 'non-standard modified car' in insurance-speak, you will almost always be quoted more than the equivalent factory V8. I too can recommend Peter Best, but as crops up in all threads on insurance the best deals are down to leg work (or finger work) by the individual as so many factors have to be taken into account. This is one area where there are no shortcuts to the best deal 'for you'.
David Smith

Peter Best is certainly cheapest but on my renewal for my midget I obtained a better quote from Heritage? which PB matched so worth doing some legwork. However, PB would only insure my 4.6 with mileage limited to 7500 so changed to MG Owners. Footman James also give reasonable quotes.

Paul Wiley

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