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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Will the stock SU pump suffice?

Guys, opinions/comments please. How many of you use the stock SU pump (similar to the 67 4cyl MGB) in your Rover V8s, and is there a better alternative that is reasonably proced
mark mathiesen

The stock SU pump was used on the Factory GT V-8s, and it was adequate but approaches its limits at high speeds and hard acceleration, and thats with a mild V-8 at only 137 HP. Being a fan of SU goodies, I would switch to one of those trick SU double-ended pumps like they used on the carbureted V12 Jaguars. I hate aftermarket stuff, especially those noisy little square Facet abominations!

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

On both my V8s using Holleys we monitored the fuel pressure while running on the rolling road. The SU fuel pump was totally unable to supply sufficient pressure at high revs and full power, falling to 0. Holleys need 5-7 lbs/sqin so we fitted Facit pumps and regulators in both cases. My 3.5 roadster gives 200 bhp at the rear wheels, the 3.9 GT 215 and its barely run in. Draw your own conclusions.
robert pulleyblank

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