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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Wiring harness routing

Greetings, fellow Factory V-8 owners,

I am finally getting around to installing the new dash and engine bay wiring harness into my Factory GT V-8. The harness I removed from the car at the start of the restoration bore little resemblance to the stock harness, since the PO had to do a lot of mods to the dash area.

My question is, what is the routing of the main harness behind the dash, from the firewall grommet back, and are there any metal loop clips that hold the harness to the firewall? I am not sure, but I believe the harness goes up over the wiper motor and lies against the firewall above the rectangular rubber master cylinder access plug, but I need confirmation of this. Once the routing of the main harness is determined, the small pigtails should all fall into place.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Kile

Paul Kile

Almost right Paul.The main harness goes over the wiper motor and its mounting bracket, but underneath the wiper drive cable tube. It is not against the bulkhead (firewall) at this point, it comes forwards and down until it sits on top of the square tube crossbrace at a point immediately behind the speedometer.
It continues along the crossbrace for an inch or two, then goes down the back of the steel sheet behind the radio console. I only found one clip, a metal loop screwed into the centre of the back of the console (presumably a small nut and bolt actually as it would be impossible to get a screwdriver into this position.) I couldn't work out what was holding it in place, presumably you could temporarily cable tie it to the cross brace, once it has settled into a position it just kinda stays there...
David Smith

Thanks, David. It all makes sense now that I've got the harness in position. I was going to bolt the dash in last night, but I figured I had better get the toeboard carpets installed while I still have room to maneuver.

Paul Kile

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