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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Wiring harness source

Hey all, I just ran into this while searching and thought I would share. This is a super mini fuse panel with fully color coded and labeled harness just like a painless at a fraction the cost!! It is 20 Circuit and the fuse block is 1.5"x3.5"!!!! Size of a pack of cigarettes!!

I bought mine and will update you all on what it is like once it arrives...
Larry Embrey


Is this an EZ Wiring harness? I've seen their ads in all the hot rod magazines, the price is definitely right. I've seen other posts expressing frustration with the "one size fits all" wiring harness, so I'll be interested in how this works out for you. Make sure you let us know!

Ryan Reis

Just for the record, there is very little difference between the Painless and the EZ Wiring harness kits. I have one of each in my workshop, and they look identical. You get a few more pieces with the Painless - Alternator boot, Maxi-fuse, and more wiring terminals - but they both use the same fuse block and wiring. There is no reason to pay extra for the Painless, as the extra parts included can be bought locally if needed for a lot less than the price difference between the two.

The biggest problem with either of the kits is that they are designed to be used with GM steering columns (even those that are advertised as for use with non-GM steering columns) and GM headlight switches, and the instructions are written for that. Not an insurmountable problem, but it takes a bit more work to relate the wiring to an MG, and neither company supplies sufficient information on their wiring set-up to be of much help.

Dan Masters

Yes this is a Ez "MINI 20" harness. It is actually a smaller version of the fuse block than the regular EZ harness and painless one. It uses all MINI ATC fuses. The measurment on the fuse block is 1.5" x 3.5"

I will definitely et you guys know how it works. For $140 shipped I just could not pass it up. It shipped today so I might have it Friday, but probably next week.
Larry Embrey

when i redid my MGA 2 years ago i bought a harness form a firm in WI called quikwire, also half the price of painless, many options and they will also customize it for a specific application. mine had wiring layout on the column for either ford or gm and i know someone that is getting one from them for mating a honda vtec to a classic mini harness, jim
james madson

I'm definitely a "do it yourself" guy, but I'm sorry, why would you pay $140.00 for a kit that you'll have to modify to make work with your car? It isn't designed for your car, it isn't color coded for your car, it doesn't have the same components as your car, why would you spend the extra grief doing all of that? Is your time not worth the money? Once you get all the harness ends, plugs, etc to fit your british plugs, will it have been worth the effort? Do it once, do it right.

Well honestly at well under 1/2 the cost, the adaptation will not be that hard. Not nearly as challenging as converting modern EFI into one of our cars. $140 I can afford, 2x that I simply cannot. That left me with getting the kit or not being able to drive my car, which would you choose?

As for the color matched wiring, I am not a concourse guy, these wires are individually colored AND on top of that lebeled every 5", so figuring out where it goes will not be an issue.

Dna's kit is a great item, no doubt, and I would choose it over a painless anyday and I contacted him about them a few weeks ago and was planning to get one until I stumbled onto the deal above.
Larry Embrey

Hi Larry
Is it:
Tony Bates

I bought one of thesen harnesses and installed it my friends 66 cj5 and it was constructed well and easy to install.
andy heston

It is the second one, specifically this one
Larry Embrey

I have to agree with Justin --I installed the Advance kit in my Ford 5.0L conversion --what a difference and fairly easy to do --just time consuming. Now I even have dash lights I can read and relays on the main circuits are a real plus.
Gil Price

Dan Masters is my hero on this subject. Check out his website. Price is right, service is great, product works as good as any available and you have 100% tech support at any reasonable time.

Dann Wade
British Car Conversions
Dann Wade

I'm curious as well to find out how this works out for you. I agree with you 100%. Dan's harness package is well thought out and I think the price is reasonable. Could I afford it, there is no doubt this is the one I would buy. But when you're undergoing an entire ground up "restoration" and V8 conversion, there are countless variables involved that no wiring harness manufacturer could cover. Half of my car's electrics are no longer original and my stereo system will definately put a strain on my new electrical system that will require more customization. One size does not necessarily fit all. Some things a person CAN cut corners on and still have very good, satisfying results. Wiring to me, is second hand and easy. I have a trunk full of every conceivable wire connector there is and then some. Adapting this or any other aftermarket harness to an MGB V8 conversion is not that difficult, to me anyway.
I wish you the best Larry. Let us know how it goes.

Scott Wooley

Well, I have the kit in hand and I am impressed. Very good directions, with individual pages for Ford, Chevy, Mopar. Overall a very well laid out kit. It is already split out into front, Dash, Rear sections. It will probably be a while before I take on installing it as things are hectic with school coming up and work.. This winter I HOPE to put allot of time into the car and finally get her much closer to being complete or least close to final form...
Larry Embrey

re: This winter I HOPE to put a lot of time into the car <snip>


You're using my excuse!!!!!!


rick ingram

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